How to view all your likes on Twitter?

How to view all your likes on Twitter?

You can put likes to support the people you follow and to highlight interesting content on Twitter. This article will show you how to view all of the Likes that you've received on Twitter.

What does the "Heart" button do on Twitter?

Twitter recently replaced its Favorite (star) button by a heart shaped one, also known as the Like button, in order to put the microblogging platform more in-line with other social networks such as Instagram. Click on the small Heart to like a tweet. The button will turn red to confirm your action. You can undo a like for a tweet by clicking on the Heart button again (turns grey).

Where to find the 'Likes' tab on Twitter?

Your liked tweets are classified below a Likes tab.

  • Sign-in to Twitter and click on your profile icon in the top right corner.
  • Go to Profile & Settings > View Profile.
  • Next, scroll down and click on the Likes tab to see all your likes, tweets, and other Twitter interactions:
twitter likes
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Why can't I see who liked my tweets?

The only reason why you can not see who put a like on your tweet is that this person might have a private profile. If that's the case, the user remains anonymous.