Ig stories from close friends to public

Darren - Dec 16, 2020 at 01:22 PM
 zara - Oct 7, 2023 at 05:33 PM
Hello, I have in my archive an old story that was originally setted on "close friends".
Now I'd like to put this story in my story highlights, but in a public way, for everyone, without the restriction of "close friends"....
Is this possible?

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 87.0.4280.101

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Here is what you can do, if you want to make a highlight without people seeing it in your story, for example post events from 1 year ago into your highlight. At least thats where I was trying to go with this.
Go to Settings/Privacy/Story/“Hide Story from” and select all your followers. Then post the things into your story, add the to highlights, remove them from the story and undo the “Hide Story from”.
Thats the only way I found to do this. I hope it helps some of you!
If I do this and hide my story from everyone and then add to highlights, once I “unhide” my story will they still be able to see the highlight even tho I posted it while they were all “hidden” from my story? Or will nobody be able to see my highlighted story?
thanks i did these steps and it worked.... none of my followers were able to see my story...but all my previous highlights were also hidden from my followers during this period ... And after 24 hours I unhide all my followers from seeing the story and now my highlights are visible to my followers too. It's a way of adding story to highlights without letting anyone know. They will know once they visit your profile otherwise your story is hidden.

do you have to repost the stories as public when you do this? or will it work if I just put them into a highlight, wait 24 hours, then unhide my followers? Because I don't want to have to repost most of my stories as public.