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I have recently bought Micromax Q5 in Delhi few days ago. I am unable use the PhoneSuite, since the PhoneSuite window at its bottom displays "Disconnected", although the handset is connected through Bluetooth/USB. I can access the other files of the handset via Bluetooth/USB

Please help

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Jun 12, 2010 at 04:34 AM
Dear Sir,

First open the application and then connect the phone to it. Then simply follow its wizard to have it connected properly.

Thank you.
Dear dist.urbd,

Thank you for your answer. I am sorry that your answer did not get me anywhere. However I managed to solve it through the inputs I gathered from other blogs. The key to this problem was that one need to copy the folder containing installation of the Phone Suite software from the CD (i.e. Q_5 PhoneSuite.rar) to your PC. The CD does not have an Installer within. The other key is once the installation is done running it from the PC, the COM Port will have to be verified to be the same as installed and the selected port for PhoneSuite>Settings.

This guidance is not there at all in the mostly-unhelpful User Manual of Q5.

Thank you very much again.