Error Code 0x800C2F8F

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0x800C2F8F is the error code that I get when attempting to do what is supposed to be an upgrade or update to Windows Media Player 11 through Time Warner Cable's HBO ON BROADBAND service that is offered in the US.

Through reading info on a translation of the French page found on this website regarding that error code, it seems to me that it is a Digital Rights Management issue that I am experiencing? I find no other citations of this error in any internet search I have done, and I am not exactly sure what else to do.

What I have done is gone to the Microsoft site for Windows Media Player, research DRM issues, found there was a patch to apply to Win Media 10, so I did that - then the next step was to update to Win Media 11 - so I did that - then when I went back to the HBO ON BROADBAND player I still got the error - the computer said I needed to update the player, and I had the same error of 0x800C2F8F and the computer failed to do the update.

If anyone has additional advice about troubleshooting please let me know.

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hi there!!!!

About your problem to install windows media player 11, i have a question first of all : is your windows genuine ? If not you will have to install a cracked version of windows media player 11 ... I just hope it will be sufficient to resolve your matter...