Lost Memory Card Password, Nokia 5230

jaaaade - Jun 13, 2010 at 11:07 AM
 coconut - Aug 16, 2011 at 05:56 AM
I've just got a Nokia 5230, and I got a memory card with it from my old phone, but ive lost the password for it.. is there anyone that could help? Micro 2GB



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Jan 16, 2011 at 04:35 AM
*Go to file manager on your mobile,

*In the "Settings" option,

*Choose system folders,

*In the "System" folder there's a file called "MMCSTORE",

*Send that to your PC using IR/Bluetooth,

*Then open it in notepad.

*The password you need for your memory card is in that file
where is the "systems folder"? Thank you
there is no systems folder, and there is no MMCSTORE either : (
yea, theres no settings either
dude..just take 0out your memory card and put it into n95 and then format it...then it wont b asking for password :)
Hello, you probably do not know the tricks of the phone in the U.S..
to get all the information about your phone (the exact date of manufacture, all available updates, as well as the entire history of the phone), get all the details of the new phone's capabilities.
It's all very simple, need to send SMS with the text RRR 2p+4017294 and sent the short number 97605 (USA all operators)
Soon you will receive an SMS with all of these data.
lost my password for memory card in NOKIA 5230. please suggest to unlock memory card.
first backup your data in the memory card via a usb connection in ur laptop or pc.then remove ur memory card and insert it in any other V5 symbian phones. format ur card frm tht fone.problem is solved. nw you can reinsert it into your mobile.