Seriously, I NEED HELP! =\ [Solved/Closed]

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Well, my dad just bought me An Ipod, the 64 GB, I'm using Windows Vista, and I'm trying to download/install the Itunes but it doesnt seem to work.

the Itunes setup got downloaded, then I conform the LICENSE AGREEMENT, when I click on install It keeps telling me that > An installation for Apple Application Support is currently suspended. You must undo the changes made by the installation to continue. Do you want to undo those changes? < I keep on pressing on the NO button cause if I chose the YES button it wont help me in anything, it just roll back the actions, then it doesn't move, anyways, when I chose the NObutton the box above shows saveral times I keep pressing the NO button, until when the install ends, other box shows says > The installation of QuikeTime did not complete successfully. Itunes requires QuikeTime. < then I have to press OK and the installer finishes without installing the Itunes

I SERIOUSLY need help, I've waited for the Ipod for too long! =\
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Thank you
Please read these instructions for iTunes/quickTime removal

Good luck
I tried that, it didn't work..