HP 1300 Paper Jam

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Monday July 26, 2010
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April 6, 2016
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I'm stumpped on this paper jam. As first page leaves fuser it jams and second page is stuck as it enters fuser. I've replaced pick up roller and separation pad. I've checked fuser and replaced fuser film sleeve as well as pressure roller. I've pretty much checked all paper sensors and play is okay. Can somebody help out there? I would be very appreciative. Could it be cartridge? Output paper feed roller?

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Remove any excess paper from the print tray.
Find the access door on the back of your printer.
Turn the knob located in the middle of the access door counterclockwise to unlock it. Remove the door.
Reach into the back of the printer and pull out the piece of paper that is causing the jam.
Replace the rear access door, then turn the knob clockwise to lock it into place.
Hope this helps you.