Spotify group session: how to start it on your PC or phone?

Spotify group session: how to start it on your PC or phone?

Group session is Spotify's new feature that allows different people to share a DJ set-up using their own phones instead of passing around the host's phone. In this article, we explain how to set up and start a group session on Spotify.

How does Spotify group session work?

Spotify group session is a new feature that is available for Premium and Family account users. With it, you don’t have to worry about passing your phone around at a party because everyone wants to put on their own music. Using group session you can invite your friends to join and contribute to the collaborative playlist and manage it as if there were multiple DJs.

People can pick and add music to the playlist, stop it or replay from their own smartphones within one click. Every change in the playlist will be displayed instantly on other phone screens. There are no limits to the number of collaborators in Group Session for now.

How to start a Spotify group session on your cell phone?

  • To start a Group Session, open Spotify and tap on the Now Playing tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then, click on the computer and player icon and find the code under Start a group session tab.
  • Show it to your friends so they can scan it with their devices (choose Scan to join) and point the camera at the code.
screenshot Spotify group session
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After the setup, everyone invited can choose what to play on their own device.

How to start a Spotify group session on your PC?

For now, you can not start a group session using your PC. Although, you can play your group sessions on your PC speakers as explained above.

How to leave a group session?

To leave a group session tap Leave Session under the In a group session tab. If you are the host and the music is playing from your device, simply click on End Session.