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Hello Everyone,

I don't want to give access to my e: drive as i am have all my document (work). Is there anything i can do about it, if Yes what is the procedure.Thank you



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Aug 4, 2010 at 03:12 AM
Power on or reboot the computer. Look for any text during the boot-up process that indicates which key or series of keys must be pressed to get into the system BIOS, CMOS or system settings interface. Consult your computer owner's manual for specific directions on accessing the system BIOS.
Use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate the BIOS and highlight the "Security," "HDD Security Settings" or "Hard Disk Password" entry. Press the "Enter" key.
Select "Hard Drive Password Reset," "HDD Password," "Drive Lock Password" or "Hard Disk Security Password," then press the "Enter" key.
Type in your new password and press the "Enter" key.
Press the "Esc" key until you reach the main BIOS menu. Highlight the "Save System Settings and Quit" option, then press the "Enter" key. Press the "Y" key to exit the BIOS interface. The computer will restart.
Type in the new hard disk drive password when prompted to continue the system startup process. Your hard drive password has now been configured.