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Hello i have a nokia e 75 and i have some diferetn problems
1.near the batery always is pulsin a message alert i dont have any sms in my inbox i have all cleared no emails no everything?
2. the camera of e 75 is very clean but mine is not is like 1 mpixel but mine ise 3.2 i dont now what is wrong
3.the most importan is then when i speak with another person he canot hear my hi says you look like you are fare from the phone he canot hear my can anybody help my ???? thenk you

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Hey Shila,

It is physically damaged and you should send to a proper Repair Shop in order to get it fixed.

Thank you.
Thank you

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Hello shila,

Please explain properly the issue and is this a china make or original Nokia make mobile?

no no original nokia from finland '''orange'''

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