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sir,my nokia 6030 has a problem with the gprs.ti'm trying to access facebook-via the log in page is being loaded, and my e-mail id and password are being asked for.but even though i'm entering the e-mail id and password, the page is getting refreshed and once again it shows the message-You need to log in first. i'm entering the e-mail id and password again and again, but i'm still getting the same message.i can't get into my account. can you help? i think the characters that i'm entering are not being recognized, so it's asking again and again to log in. please help!!!

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For mobile phone its and not o.facebook.

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sir,it's happening in both the websites.besides, i've been using 0.facebook since the last 2 months.this problem suddenly came up yesterday-can you tell me why it's happening?i'm stating my problem once again-i'm asked to log in using my e-mail id and password,but even after i'm entering both of them, the page gets refreshed and comes back to the log in page again,saying that i need to log in first.the gprs settings are up to date on my mobile.
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Clear the cache of mobile browser to try again .Are you logged on facebook using pc ?

yes i've cleared the cache of mobile, i'm not logged on facebook from pc.what could be reason then?

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