Vlookups across workbooks [Solved/Closed]

 Nocular -
I'm wanting to perform VLookups across seperate workbooks, as I have a reference workbook where all updates are added and then a number of summary workbooks that I need to extract the data from the erference workbook to. The reference workbook is set so data locations will not change, In the summary workbooks I want to select the name and then the relevant data from the reference workbook comes across.


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I suppose it is possible. for writing the formula easily keep all workbooks open. then instead of writing the arguments use cursor to go to the different ranges except for 3rd argument (column number) and fourth argument will be zerio

an example

=VLOOKUP(A28,'[infoline stocks oct10.xls]current'!$A$1:$F$15,3,0)
Brilliant, works I htink where I was going wrong was that I was referencing to the reference data sheet twice ie once for table array and teh other for the required column. Take out one of teh references to that workbook and hey presto..