Compare cels column a to column b and count

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What i want to do is this ...

i want to count how many times the value in column b is greater than the value in column a in a range of rows. maintaining the relationship a1 to b1, a2 to b2, a3 to b3 and not something like a1 to b3, if that makes any sense.

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in excel 2002 sp3

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If you want to find how much greater then in column C1 type =B1-A1 then just autofill the cells down . If u want to find how many times its greater then just type =B1/A1 in C1 if you want that as a percent then type =(B1/A1)*100 in C1
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this is giving me a clue i think. what i want is to have lets say cell c200 contain the amount of times that the # in column b is greater (or less than) column a given the b1:a1,b2:a2, etc. pairings. Hope this clearer.