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Needing help please. From a pdf data base supplied, I have copied the contents over onto notepad. The data within this notepad contains first name, last name, postal address and a whole host of other non related data. The challenge is that the data exists in "rows", and I need to import into excel in column format-that way I can clean up the unecessary data and continue with my mail merge. Sample of data in present format:


App. Name One: Anonymous Mr Dec 15, 1963
App. Name Two:
Corp. Name:
Address: PLOT 99 Witels Street

DELFT 7100
Business Entity: 570 South Africa Language:
E-mail Address:
Home Phone: Work Phone: 0799172800
Mobile Phone:

Can anybody help?

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Highlight data in the notepad and hit: edit copy
Go to an excel sheet cell A1 hit: edit paste
Highlight the whole date in excel
Click data(menu)-text to columns
Choose "delimited" click next
Choose "others" and type in the small window a colon(:)
Click finish
Again highlight data
Edit copy
Go to another sheet A1
Now highlight data in second sheet click format(menu)-columns-autofit
Now you have to tweak the data because you have line like
Home Phone: Work Phone: 0799172800
It should be:

home phone

See help text to columns
Thank you

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limited to 256 cells as a row, how should I do for more than 800 words to split in one single column of 800 rows ?

Thanks :)