Confused about IF excel formula

 RayH -

PLease can someone help me?

I have a number in column D4 and a number in coulmn F4

If that number is equal or 10 more or ten less I want it to say Same
If it is more than 10 higher i want it say increased
If it is more than 10 lower i would like it to say decreased

Would be sooooo grateful if i can get this formula to work, it will save me
hours of manual comparison!

Thank you :)

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I think I got those the right way around. Anyway should be easy to fix if not.
HI Ray

Thank you very much for respoinding to my problem, unfortunately when i try this forumal it returns same everytime, Im not getting increasd or decreased

Thank you
Don't know why. It appears to work for me.
10		10	Same
1		20	Increase
20		1	Decrease
10		15	Same
15		10	Same
100		200	Increase
100		50	Decrease