Want to know how to unlock nokia x6

tna - Jan 6, 2011 at 08:06 AM
 Blocked Profile - Jan 6, 2011 at 08:11 AM

I'm from Myanmar. I bought nokia x6 from s'pore. Now i'm in Myanmar, but it haven't unlocked yet( i couldn't use it ). So i want to know how to unlock from my country .

with thanks.

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Jan 6, 2011 at 08:11 AM

I understand through which situation you are undergoing actually but the fact is that there is no proof you are the owner of the mobile phone thus no help is provided from kioskea for unlocking any mobile phone.But certainly get in your network provider customer care or mobile phone repair center and they will do the needful for you by bringing along your id card and a proof of ownership.

Good luck