Itunes store not working!! [Solved/Closed]

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I have never had a problem with itunes before yet I've been trying endlessly to connect to the itunes store and nothing is happening. It is not coming up with a message to say it cannot connect but instead is just blank. I have tried everything, I have made sure the proxy server is unchecked and I attempted the norton security idea but I have mcafree and couldn't apply the instructions given. Please Help! any ideas how to get to opne?!?!

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I have just got it from the horse's mouth. ITunes is presently experiencing server technical difficulties in the USA and Australia.

We need to be patient...24 hours.
Thank you

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thanks for finding out for us!
our two computers are having the same problem today
Mines doing it too :(
mine is too - when I search for something it shows for a second and then goes blank.
C - I am having the same problem. It shows for literally a second and then goes gray/blank. Why is this happening and how does it get fixed?
Same here! I'm getting so fed up. This is ridiculous.
Having the same problem on both a mac and PC
Has anyone tried talking to apple? I have a pc and an ipod shuffle, but the last time I tried to call them they wouldn't help you if you didn't own more of their products so I gave up. That was about a different problem and it was a year ago but I haven't tried calling them since.

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