My Itunes deleted EVERYTHING. [Closed]

 Jason -
So I was on my computer downloading new music like I always do, when I went into my Itunes, and all of my music was gone except for the couple albums I had just downloaded. When I hook my Itouch up to my computer it says that I have to sync my Itouch and delete all my files off of it. I'm really confused and angry because IVE ALWAYS USED THIS ITUNES AND NEVER ANY OTHER ONE. I have over 1000 songs on my Itouch and I REALLY don't want to delete them. Is there anyway I can transfer all of my music back onto my computer? Help would be greatly appreciated.

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i had kinda the same prob.. i updated my ipod and i had 1000 songs and it asked me alot of questions but nothing about deleteing my music and it just deleted them all and i want to no if there is a way to get this music back???
I've had the same problems today, went to download the new version on Itunes and it failed it completely finish, Ipod would not go to the normal screen and a message came up saying "Ipod in Restore mode" and i only had one option and that was to return to 'factory settings'

All my music, 1000+ gone after restoration completed. Pictures remained however.

Very angry, so everybody make sure you have your music backed up safely. Itune's is renound for playing with your hand.

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