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 Tinde -

I am running a Workgroup network with few XP machines and one Windows 7 Pro. When I look folders and files of the Win 7 machine with the explorer from a XP machine all files in certain folders of the Win 7 machine can not be seen even though they exist in the Win 7 machine and can be seen and listed by the explorer of the Win 7 machine. At least the Win 7 machine does not consider them to be hidden. This also causes problems when I do the sync between the machines because the XP machine thinks that those files do not exist in the Win 7 machine anymore and should thus be deleted also from the XP machine. I have been trying to find an answer for this by Googling but have not found any explanations. I would be very grateful to know if somebody has experienced same kind of problems and how this could solved. Thank you all in advance!

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What's their save location like? Make sure that your XP machine can see hidden files, and system hidden files, and then see if you can manually locate them on the XP machine.
Thank you for your answer. My XP's can see all types of hidden files. And the Win 7 machine lists all of them when you list them in Win 7 machine. But they can not be seen from the XP machines (I have tried with 3 different XP-machines in my same network). The funny thing is that those files that can not be seen are mixture of various filetypes: txt, pdf, xls. I have not been able to figure out the logic behind which type of files can been seen and which not. But they are always the exactly same files that can not be seen. Thank you for your efforts!