Can a JPEG File contain a virus?

Can a JPEG File contain a virus?

A picture or photo in your PC can have different file extensions, such as jpeg, bmp, etc. In this article we will explain how these files can be altered to contain viruses that could harm your computer.

Can a JPEG contain a virus?

These photos and pictures are a soft target for stenography programmers looking to infect a large database. It involves concealing data in different means, like in pictures, audio, or even concealed backdrop disturbance such as radio waves. You cannot receive or send viruses through images that include jpegs, .gifs, etc. but can you send or receive viruses through executable files like .exe, .scrg, etc.

How does a JPEG infect a computer?

A JPEG is a file that can get infected. However, in order to activate the virus, the file must be run. As the JPEG file is an image file, it will not be executed as long as the image is not processed by any other type of program. Therefore, if the image is executed by a program like a library or a database, the system can get infected. So, before execution, it is recommended that you perform a quick virus scan of any files that you receive. 

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