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I have a PC running Windows XP Pro SP2.

I have a problem with my PC, whereby I cannot access my USB or CD or DVD. The USB drive and DVD works fine on other PC's but cannot seem to work on one of my PC's. I get the following message, "G:\is not accessible Access Denied".

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unplug your USB

Go to run and type this


Navigate to computer configuration - Administrative Templates-System, and then select Removable Storage Access in the left column

on the right side

you may find something like

Removable Disks: Deny execute access,deny write,deny read access,
all removable storage deny

open them and disable all these four options.

Plug in your USB ,it should work now.

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i have the other problem, my HDD appear "need to format before you use it" would you help me
its not wrking
Thank u ...super helpful!