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You are employed by a computer network sales and support company located at
Kingswood. Your company provides clients with recommendations and solutions in
local area network system administration, including server and client system
configurations to meet the clients' requirements. The majority of your company small
business clients share files between computers and use a range of different software
applications including office software and Internet access software. Through the
prototype system you developed, you wish to demonstrate to your supervisor and/or
clients that you can provide local area network systems administration and have
decided to design a LAN solution for an automotive engineering business that
employs 30 people, called Great Western Auto. This business employs:

this need to be done
? The domain name used in your Server must have your SCM logon name
within it and reflect the company name Great Western AUTO.
? Provide configured Server and Client operating systems to meet your
? Set group policy for network users:
? Password policy: use strong password with a minimum length of
SEVEN; change password FIRST time log in; change password
every NINETY days.
? Account lockout policy: After FIVE times of unsuccessful log in,
the account should be locked out and only the IT staff and the
administrator or the authorized delegate can unlock the account.
? Apply a standard mandatory user profile to all the network users.
? Apart from the Administrator (the IT Manager), who is by default able to
log in to the serve, Alex Tan and Jennifer Bennett should be allowed to log
in the server for the delegated duties. All other staff can only log in via
client computers (the Windows 7 or XP in this prototype system).
? Install the Web Server and FTP Server. In the Exercise you have learnt
how to install the servers in Win2k8. For security and performance
consideration, you can also consider to install the servers in Window 7.
Create a web page for Great Western Auto which only needs to contain 300138 LAN Workshop - Assignment 6 of 7
the company logo and brief description about sco

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