First stab at computer building

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This is my first post! I am trying to build my first computer ever and I would love some help. The budget for this computer is $1500 and the sole purpose of this computer is home recording. I do not know much about computers so I think it might take a while to get things started. Anyway, here's what I'm looking for:

- Processor: Processing power is my top priority along with RAM, and I'm trying to cram as much as I can in this machine
- RAM: As I said, I want a lot of memory, probably 8 gigs
- I want it to make little noise. I don't know what components make noise (cases? hard drives? power supplies?) but if I can pay more to make it produce less noise, I will
- Video Card: I'm not looking for anything fancy, but I will be using two monitors at once
- Motherboard: I don't know what makes one better than another... may need a little help
- Case: I haven't really decided what goes into my computer but I know I will use at least two hard drives (three would be best) and I will probably expand the machine when I get better sound cards and such (it would be a big plus if it would be easy to put together...)
- Hard Drive: I am trying to put just the basic stuff in one hard drive like the recording software (the master drive? I don't know what it's called...) and I would like to store my recorded files in a separate hard drive (500 gigs minimum) and, if possible, a back up hard drive (I don't know anything about the RAID settings and stuff)
- Sound Card: I'm not sure what home recordists use so I'm gonna have to do some research, but if you have any suggestions it'd be awesome (this won't be included in the $1500)
- Power Supply & Fan: I suspect these will make some noise... so the less noise the better

I know I missed some components in this list so if you could help me out it would be great. Sorry for the long post and thanks for your advice in advance!

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you may try this link to check the msi motherboard.
it will support all the specifications you gave.
you will also get the specifications of the motherboard.

since you need dual screen, try this link to get the graphics card that will suit your need:

try this link to compare the prices of some 1TB hard drives:
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I've been building rigs for 20 plus years so here's a few ideas to consider.........

1. CPU is a fairly simple choice AMD Quad-Phenom or its Eqivalent Intel Q6600 or better.

2. Once you decided on CPU mobo choice to match that brand....Asus usually a good solid make, or MSI for cheaper variations. Note that Mobo Ram will be either DDR2 or DDR3 with numerous speed options that have to match the mobo specs. DDR3 rigs usually aim for 6gig while ddr2 will do 8-16gig usually

3. Invest in a quality ones always fail at the worst times and dont last long term, Seasonic are regarded as the top dog there. A Backup power unit (UPS) may also be an option if you like in a area with frequent power issues.

4. GPU....most have dual output these days....expect to buy a PCIE v2 standard with DX10 or better (note that this is another reason to buy a good brand PSU as GPU can get serious problems relating to poor cheaply made PSUs). A nvidia 9800GT or 200 series would be the good starting point or ATI equiv.

5. HD's are cheap as hell these days....1TB sata2 is best starting size for recording i'd say, brand wise...Western Digital or Seagate are my faves, a matched pair or 2 drives in combo are pretty fast on SATA2 so raiding them isnt that big a worry.

6. Soundcard depends greatly on the OS you'l vista dont support DX sound...its all done in its native api which i believe is OpenAL in vista, thus making creative XFI series best choice on XP and below....but for high end Vista probbly a Asus Xonar card would be best quality fit.

Hope this helps..