PC Building Simulator 2

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  • Developer Spiral House Ltd
  • Version 1.5
  • License Commercial
  • Language en

The second title of the PC Building Simulator series brings an enhanced experience with faithfully modeled components from more manufacturers, a refined shop simulation journey, the ability to completely customize your environment, and a well-designed progression system.


  • Run your business: You will start in your new shop and will have to hone your business skills. Day to day, you will be required to perform a wide range of tasks (scan devices, build and repair setups, and more). Manage your emails and your workload carefully to make your clients satisfied and get positive reviews.
  • Customize your shop: As you earn experience, you will be able to get more components, perform more complicated tasks, and even fully pimp the look of your shop (you can make it look like a medieval shop if you want).
  • Full-stack: Don't think you will only have to assemble or repair components, as you will also be able to run antivirus scans, software bug fixes, app installations, and more.
© PC Building Simulator 2
  • Learn for real: You will learn every aspect of the PC building process. Indeed, you will be guided with step-by-step instructions explaining the role of each component and sub-component, as well as the orders the parts should be assembled.
  • Connected to the industry: All the most famous PC component manufacturers are in partnership with the game, so you can experience accurate 3D components from Nvidia, Intel, Be Quiet!, Corsair, Endorfy, and many more. In addition, new state-of-the-art components have been added, like the AMD Ryzen 7XXX series, Intel 13th generation CPUs, Nvidia 4090 Founders Edition, Intel ARC GPUs, and many more.
  • Build your dream PC: PC Building Simulator 2 lets you build your computer from scratch. You will assemble all the different parts, including the motherboard, GPUs, CPUs, RAM, power supply, cooling loops, fans, and more.
© PC Building Simulator 2

Graphics and sound

PC Building Simulator 2 offers finely tuned graphics that result in elegant models of PC components. Also, the shop atmosphere is very cool, and customizations make the experience more immersive. Regarding the sound, the game features 18 original tracks from French Touch, UK Garage, and Grime to Indie Rock, soulful Dub, and Synth Pop ballads composed by Gavin Harrison, employing original vintage synths and studio equipment throughout the record.

Game modes

  • Career Mode: You will learn to build and repair PCs to turn a profit and ensure your clients are satisfied (watch out for reviews). As you level up, you will unlock new tools and upgrade the workshop.
  • Free Build Mode: You can do whatever you want, choose among over 1200 components, and build the most powerful PC ever. Once done, you can even use 3DMark and Cinebench benchmarks to evaluate performances and optimize your computer.

What do the reviews say?

© Metacritic

PC Building Simulator 2 has received a pretty good Metacritic score of 81/100 and has been well received by the players' community.

"PC Building Simulator 2 sets a new benchmark for simulation games. The attention to detail, the ease of play, the presentation – everything is second to none, and we can't get enough. Even if you've never stared into the insides of a PC before, if you're intrigued by the idea of tinkering with components, you owe it to yourself to give it a go. Just be sure to set yourself plenty of time aside, because you won't be able to drag yourself away." (GameSpew)

Age rating

Even though the game has no official PEGI rating, you can consider it the same as the first title, which is PEGI 3, as it offers the same kinds of content.

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