I have security warning pop ups

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I am getting these security warning pop ups that say my computer has viruses. They are telling me to download virusremover 09 to get rid of it. At first it said to download malware remover 09 but I ran malwarebytes anti malware and it got rid of it. Now Im getting tons of security warnings saying to download virusremover09. I tried Spyware Doctor, Spyhunter and malware bytes for it but nothing is working. Every time I access the internet it is constantly popping up. My computer is starting to slow down now and it freezes all the time and it is only 1 month old. Somebody pleases help.

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I'm no PC expert, but I had this happen on my Windows Vista Home Premium system At that time I could no longer execute any programs or even use CTL-ALT DEL to access Task Manager. I had to reboot in Safe Mode to be able to do anything, but I was able to find a folder that looked suspicious. It was created on the date and at the time the phony anti-virus messages started occurring. In Safe Mode I opened Windows Explorer and navigated to Computer>Users>myusername>AppData>Local and right-clicked the top bar to add a column for "Date Created". There I saw a folder called "ghxbnerde" with the date and time matching the start of the attack. After backing up the folder on a flashdrive (just in case), I deleted it from AppData>Local and rebooted normally. No more issues!