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I am getting these security warning pop ups that say my computer has viruses. They are telling me to download virusremover 09 to get rid of it. At first it said to download malware remover 09 but I ran malwarebytes anti malware and it got rid of it. Now Im getting tons of security warnings saying to download virusremover09. I tried Spyware Doctor, Spyhunter and malware bytes for it but nothing is working. Every time I access the internet it is constantly popping up. My computer is starting to slow down now and it freezes all the time and it is only 1 month old. Somebody pleases help.

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I'm no PC expert, but I had this happen on my Windows Vista Home Premium system At that time I could no longer execute any programs or even use CTL-ALT DEL to access Task Manager. I had to reboot in Safe Mode to be able to do anything, but I was able to find a folder that looked suspicious. It was created on the date and at the time the phony anti-virus messages started occurring. In Safe Mode I opened Windows Explorer and navigated to Computer>Users>myusername>AppData>Local and right-clicked the top bar to add a column for "Date Created". There I saw a folder called "ghxbnerde" with the date and time matching the start of the attack. After backing up the folder on a flashdrive (just in case), I deleted it from AppData>Local and rebooted normally. No more issues!
Thank you

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this is what I did and I works just amazing, please reboot your computer and chose a safe mode then go to system restore than select a date that you think your computer was not infected and then press ok, the system will start from the date you chose and it will rebot automaticaly and than voila no pop-up no red screen no nothing, I did it today and it is formidable, O by the way I have windows vista

good luck
hope this comforts you...
ATTENTION!!! remove it NOW!


For those of you who says: I cant open Task Manager, I cant open any Anti-virus, I cant open any Anti Malware(ex:Malwarebytes), I cant open ANY EXE.FILES!!!(because the virus blocks it ALL).

Then I have a simple yet effective trick:

if you rename the file then SYSTEM SECURITY will not be able to block it. which is good for you to activate all your ANTI-etc.

The only problem is that you wont be able to open the task manager because you cant rename it. So my suggestion is to download: procexp from www.sysinternals.com
it is a free software that acts as a task manager; but the difference is that it is BETTER coz it shows even the hidden process (and it's also user friendly) note: dont forget to rename for you to access

if you have it, kill the thing that looks like a shield(SYSTEM SECURITY) then the rest of the instructions are free for you too find.
hope this helps... ganbatte kudosai

ps. forward my guide too all
start your PC in safemode ;-)
then you'll be able to open all your files,
and execute the removal programs!

usually it gets to safemode by pressin F8 upon startup.

good luck with it
Err, so I've been trying to run malwarebytes, but it hasn't been working. I've managed to download and install it successfully. (I think), but when I double click to run, it gives me a "run time error (0)". I've got the same problem. A ton of random security warning pop ups, that tell me to install "Anti-Virus Live" because my PC is infected. Windows Explorer will randomly open itself and go to their website. And occasionally Windows Explorer will open and go to some porno website. Anyhow, I can't open ANY files. Literally. Whenever I try to, Windows will pop up and say "Windows Security alert, Application cannot be executed. The file _____ is infected. Do you want to activate your antivirus software now?". Windows Defender tells me that nothing is wrong though, when obviously something is. I simply cannot run any file type. And I've tried renaming it, but that doesn't work? How exactly do your rename the file? Right click and then hit rename, right?
MAN! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! EVERY THING I'M TRYING WILL NOT WORK~! I found a site that explains specifically how to get rid of AntiVirus Live, step by step, but I CAN'T OPEN ANY THING TO FIX THE PROBLEM. Every time I try to open something, it immediately gets shut down. EVEN NOTEPAD/TEXT FILES. It will literally not let me open ANYTHING. It feels like AntiVirus Live has been updated to become more relentless, and invincible.
> Tokage
I just had the same problem. If you system is really that bad then usse the recovery disk that came with your computer. The bad thing is that you will loose all of your files, but it will restore your computer to out of the box condition. It takes over an hour to delete all of your files and restore the software.
> Ricky
Okay this is going to sound weird but, it vanished? I cleared my cookies, but the problem still occurred. Restarted my laptop and it was still there. And now about a week later of keeping my laptop shut down, its gone? Well, whatever, I'm happy. :)
If windows says something is not wrong then there right sometimes thoose pop ups are getting you to buy stuff you just gotta learn to ignore it like me I have windoes protection it dosnt say ANYTHING is wrong but yet I get these warnnig from these virus protection things ivee never installed in my computer!? Thats not right
I booted taskmanager IMMEDATELY on start-up, determined which process was associated with the malware, and killed it manually. That was the only way I could run Malware-bytes... which took care of the problem entirely. I also ran Dr. Web CureIt!, which did locate some infected files I quarantined and removed, but that didn't solve the problem. I know some folks have trouble running antimalware programs when infected with this virus, so... you probably should try renaming the file or booting in SafeMode as previously recommended.

But really, what I want to know is - does anybody know of an anti-virus that is capable of preventing this thing from breaching system security? Because... I'd rather gulp some cyanide laced Flavor-aid than deal with this BS again.
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No antivirus is perfect, I mean really not a single one.

Please just be careful on the net and with your e-mail, that is the best medicine.

Best regards

P.S. Before taking a gulp, please come and see us on this forum, we have both solutions to eliminate viruses and if required counselling services.
I couldn't open anything, the anti virus took over my computer, so I tried renaming my files and it still didn't do a thing for me. so I decided to go on internet explorer and delete my cookies. I was using fire fox and I kept getting internet explorer pop ups with adult sites that I never even visited in my life. so try deleting your cookies on your browser, so far mine just disappeared *YAY*
Hope you guys all have the same luck
much love!
Try deleting your cookies. Worked for me.
i got one saying I had a trojen horse. it told me to save the file. This is a pop up designed so that you will let it into your system. shut down your computer, turn it back on then imediatly do an all systems scan. it'll pick up a trojen horse and some tracking cookies, mayb a worm. DELETE or SECURE these threats and you should be good to go.
Ok. This is what I did and it looks like is solving the problem...
get a pen-drive and go to www.baixaki.com.br and install the REVO Unistaller program.

go back to your pc or laptop where you have the problem re-start in safe mode by pressing F8 when starting booting and run the intalation from the pen-drive.

On the Revo Unistaller program go to "tools" then on the OPTIMIZATION window press "Autorun Manager" here you will see all the programs that start when you open your PC or LapTop. Look for the one you are looking "Secutity tool" and take out the small tic in the left hand square... this program no longer will auto start on star up...(you can check other programs that you think dont need to auto start?! ) then go to left hand side of this window and press " Junk Files Cleaner " then on the top of the window press "SCAN" then wait for 2/3 minutes and see the result. you can delete everything with no problems at all for you computer or just delete the location you want...I recommend deleting everything as all is JUNK!!!. Then close everything and restart in normal mode and you will see that the problem desapered. then run a full scan with your anti-virus and it should be fixed with your antivirus!! ( you can use this program as many toimes as you like to clean your computer?!)
Sorry for the delay, that pop up is a very serious virus!!!! Dont click on it. take it to a pro to remove it from your machine. I recently had to cancell my bank account and set a new one up after I had logged on to my online banking!!! Be careful.

I also found that my internet explorer had been set to use a proxy server. I had to uncheck that option in the LAN Settings area under Tools>Internet Options>Connections. After that I was able to connect to sites using my IE browser.
recovery is the best and safest way. restart your computer and recover it if your hp windows xp.
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Download Hijackthis install it, then run it.

Click on "do a system scan and save a logfile".
Then make a copy/paste of the logfile in your next message.

Don't fix nothing for the moment!

Everyone is getting this thing.
Just go to the Malwarebytes page and down load this and when the window appears and asks hit save box and save it to your desktop. It drove me crazy but this morning I did what I am telling you todo and all is ok.
> lucky
after dat wat we do next run it or wat
Go to
C:\Users\(your user name)\AppData\Local\Temp
there should be loads of blank .tmp files
more files depending on how bad your computer is
I just deleted far over five THOUSAND files
now my computer is perfectly fine
this solution is called "Nice & Easy". Thnz a lot!

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