Trouble in opening you tube

 sam1024 -
hii I am getting these message "Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information." whn ever I open the you tube pls pls pls help me

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change from http to https in the link. It works. Alternatively open youtube and search for the same.
Thank you

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These government blocker killing the peoples learning thoughts and their invention brrain our peoples never turn to become a scientist they will come like a zombies.......... (Dead mind peoples) these blockers making this.................
Dewsun -"Change from http to https in the link. It works. Alternatively open youtube and search for the same."
Yeesss Its works ..Thankss sooo much...
thanks Anku.
Thant works.
thanks bro
"Change from http to https in the link".
It really works.
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The Government has issued a document with a list of URLs that it would like blocked immediately. They include YouTube videos, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. And more. The reason? They're "religiously offensive. Apparently, fake accounts are being used to "stir up religious tension, espescially against muslims."
But what's all f sudden they do this. In all site der would be advantage /disadvantages. Through FB nd twetter we all updates to all f team/college mate relatives. Why do govt.take this in wrong way.
Changing the URL from HTTP to HTTPS fixes the issue. I think one should not comment if one is not sure of anything. Internet is strong enough to misguide millions in a matter of seconds. Be careful before commenting.
they are even blocking live streaming sites??
The blocked URLs are random.They don't contain any offensive material. Who in the government is doing this, on whose orders,with what end in view,and accountable to whom? Any ideas?
not open you tub what is problam
Solution: type "https://" before www. and reload the page