Xp Over Vista Home Basic Dell 1525

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 steve t - Jun 30, 2011 at 09:17 PM
Hi everyone!

Guys need help i bought a new Dell 1525 notebook and i dont want to use Windows vista H.B. I want to change to XP. But im having problems with that. i cant install i tried with booting and all but cant do anybody have any idea how to....

Ty very much please help asap....


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Apr 5, 2009 at 07:16 AM
So what you have to do is to

Enter Bios by pressing F2
Go in Onboard Devices
Flash cache module to OFF
SATA Operatioon to ATA

Then install windows XP
Nothing you can't find on the web.
Thank you for that info. It worked great. Who knew.
All you have to do is download a free software called nlite.

Incorporate the SATA driver in the nlite softwarre and burn a bootable cd.Just google the steps required.The nlite software is simple...

Then as mentioned in earlier posts make changes in the bios.

Also set CDROM as primay boot device in BIOS.

Then simply install XP .

1. Go To BIOS setup
2. flash cache module to off
3. SATA operation to ATA
4. Then normally install windows XP