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Services Packs constitute a practical means, everything in one, to reach the last drivers, the tools and the improvement in security as well as the other critical updates. Windows XP SP2 (Service Pack 2), the service pack for Windows XP, concentrates on the relative improvement to the security and is one of the most important Service Pack ever published.

What are the key features of Windows XP SP2?

  • Blocker of inconvenient pop-ups in Internet Explorer: allows to surf on the Internet more serenely by reducing the interruptions due to the contents and the unwanted advertisements.
  • Analysis of the downloads in Internet Explorer: warns you in case of potentially dangerous downloads and allows you to block the unwanted programs.
  • Information bar of Internet Explorer: allows you to remain better informed about the events while you surf on the Web, therefore you remain informed of the various situations and can overcome any potential problems of security.
  • Update of the security parameters of Internet Explorer: helps you to protect the confidentiality of your personal data by modifying the default parameters in order to secure the computers in your firm.
  • Administrator of additional modules of Internet Explorer: improves the security and reduces the risks of incidents by allowing you to manage easily a list of additional modules in Internet Explorer (Programs which were added to your web browser).
  • Administrator of enclosed documents: analyses and deactivates the non reliable enclosed documents, which may contain viruses from Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and Windows Messenger.
  • Update of Windows Messenger: offers supplementary functions of security intended to help you to protect the confidentiality of your on-line personal data.
  • Update of the confidentiality in Outlook Express: allows to reduce electronic messages by limiting the risk of seeing your e-mail address validated by spammers.
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  • Windows Security Center: allows you to verify very simply and to manage in a centralized way the parameters of your computer security.
  • Update of the Windows Firewall: automatically activated by default, this improved firewall helps you protect Windows XP from viruses, worms and other threats from the Internet.
  • Coverage of the starting up phases and stop by the Windows Firewall: spreads the protection of the Windows Firewall at the starting up and stop of Windows, to ensure a better protection during the use of your PC.
  • Simple compatibility of configuration of the Windows Firewall: simplifies the configuration of the Windows Firewall so that this one can coexist with Internet applications, such as the solutions of on-line commands of the office items, in order to improve the safety of your productivity.
  • Improvement of the automatic updates: allows your PC to remain automatically up to date thanks to the last updates for Windows XP. It also includes a new technology to allow the users to use a limited debit Internet connections for a better download of the updates.
  • Improved coverage of the wireless connection: wireless allows you to configure more easily the wireless networks for the desk or to connect you in a transparent way to the wireless "point of access" without having to install or to update third-party software.
  • Update of Bluetooth 2.0: allows you to connect easily to the devices of the last Bluetooth generation, such as keyboards, mouses, mobile phones and personal assistants (PDA).
  • Windows Media Reader Series 9: allows you to listen to music and play videos more easily and in a more secure way.
  • Update of DirectX: allows you to take advantage of graphic features and developed games, thanks to the last technology of DirectX of Microsoft.

Is it free?

Support for Windows XP was discontinued on 8 April 2014. Windows XP is no longer provided with security updates since then. It is recommended that you upgrade to a more recent version of Windows. You can find more details here.

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