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My windows XP won't start. I shutted down the computer yesterday, today when I started it it will run till the windows boot screen, when the bar reaches the end the screen will stay black and nothings happens

I tried to boot in safe mode but after loading the drivers it just stays there as well and wont go on with the boot.

I wanted to repair the system with the Windows XP CD-ROM but I'm not given the option to repair. After it starts all the devices needed, i'm presented with the partitions I have on my PC to choose in which to install windows, if I pick one I can format and install or just install.

Is there a way to run a repair or a scandisk to try and solve the problem without re instaling windows?

Really appreciate any help.

Thank you in advance
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Thank you
So, I spent half a day struggling why my windows XP won't start on any of the safe modes with similar symptoms you all have been seeing. Here is what worked for me on HP pavilion.

There is an option F11 when you boot the system. It takes you to Restore manager by HP via RAM something option. Select Advanced Options for Restore Manager.

A. I first selected the option to back up my files (Photos and Personal Docs/Files) on DVD-R drive. This takes about 1.5 hr to finish but is a worth-it safety step.

B. Rebooted the system, pressed F11, and selected the option to restore system to an older time. Restored the system to 20 days ago. I had tried restoring to two days ago but saw similar problem with it. This worked like charm and kept all my documents intact.

C. There is another option to restore to factory settings and I had intended to go all the way to original factory settings, if option B had not worked. In such a case, my backup DVDs from A would have come handy to restore all my Photos/Videos/Personal files back.

So, the problem seems to be the corruption of a system file and could be attributed to any of the programs I downloaded from the Internet such as DVD Fab in the interim.

All the best.

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Thank you,you are great
Thank you
I start my windows so up then it goes to a option screen and it said safe mode , safe mode with network and sao on then there is start windows normaly I press that then I get the option. Screen again
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Quite often, this can be caused by faulty components on the motherboard.
Worst offenders are PCI modems and then the next is network cards.

So! remove an item and try restart or remove all peripherals except the hard drive and try again.

Repeat this after adding one component etc until all are added.

If added device causes lockup, you know what caused it.
hi im having a similar problem,
windows wont start going to screen windows did not start correctly however cant move arrows to select safe mode so is just staying on start windows normally and going round in a loop, keyboard IS working and is letting me enter setup. I have the XP disc and have used link above to try to repair/install. ive changed the first boot device in BIOS to CDROM however it is now sayin press any key to boot from CD, which im doin, but is then going back to same old windows couldnt start properly choose from safe mode... last known config.....blah blah and goin round in a loop again

Aaaaah can anyone help???

Thank you
Jan x

i start my pc but not start in normal and safe node and restart in both mode.
I have formated my hard disk and installed a new operating system (XP) but when I start my computer it shows
windows starting up to checking files on the disk and stops giving a live screen and I canot even log on in safe mode.

what can I do
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Thank you
check this link for Win XP repair/install

Jolee Girl
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> moonriaz -
Have you fiquered out how to fix your "XP not starting even in Safe mode problem?"
> moonriaz -
When I start my computer(windows xp os), it displays 1) safe mode 2) last confi.. 3) mormally..
when I choose any option, no response only start again and same screen:
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> moonriaz -
hi moonriaz... I have the same problem today... and no matter which option on safe mode I use... it comes back to the safe mode screen.. did you receive any suggestions that actually worked without having the cd to repair it?? please advise!!!!!! plz!!!

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> moonriaz -
hi there moonriaz my name is aman and for the last week I've also been having the same issue. But upon investigating I discovered that it is probably a bad update from Microsoft dose your comp also says press escape to not load stpd.sys. That's the indication that it is a bad update. but go to allbootdisks.com and download the xp boot disk if you already don't have it.
i suggested to insert the OS in cd-room that you currently use, and bot the OS, then click the first repair that appears in set-up, then, there is command console in dos appear and type "CHKDSK" it will automatically check your disk and after that checking disk.BINGO!
Thank you
If all methods above fail, this is one last (more advanced) method to repair your Windows XP boot.ini file or to backup your files before formatting and reinstalling your Windows XP ;)

First you need to get a version of Backtrack (Live Boot version) and write it on a CD.
You can get backtrack here:

Once you have a Backtrack Live Boot CD/USB, insert it in the corrupt machine.
Boot Backtrack and login if necessary.

Open a kernel and type:
cd /mnt

You should now be working in the mnt dir

Now type:

Now you should see a lot of other directories, but you should select sda1. (This may be sda0 or other, depending on your system.)

So to go to the sda1 dir, type:
cd /sda1

Now type:

This command lists all your files in the working directory.
You should see your hard drive, with all the directories ;)

Now if you want to recover files from your hard drive, just open them with BackTrack and copy them to your USB or external HD.

Now if you want to edit your boot.ini file, you just open it in BT and adjust the content.
This is an example for Windows XP Home Edition (on partition 1 of your harddrive, if you have partitions)
[boot loader] 
[operating systems] 
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition" /fastdetect

After you have edited your boot.ini, just save it and reboot Windows XP without BT.

I hope this was helpfull ;)
Thank you
Thy this free boot CD,

Has helped me :)

helo Mixergirl

i have downloaded UBCD4Win now could u tel me how to repair windows xp s2 using this bootalble cd..
i dont want lost my files and imporrtant documents...

my pc just restart after windows load and it appears a list of option like run in the safe mode or using command prompt and last good configuration..... I tried to go in safe mode also but I cant then I trie d using last good configuration but the same problem occurs after windows loads system restart automaticaaly....
I always appreciate your help......PLX reply soon
Thank you
It happen to me before. I just used the installation disk and checkdisk and wallllllllla... Problem solve..
Thank you
The only thing that I ended up doing was reformanting my pc but I think one of the bios went bad and now the vlk key for my disc is block and I have to manually download updates for it.
Thank you
hi yes there is a simple way if you have the windows disk make it the OS boot with the cd rom then when you get to a screen that says would you like to install windows click R to repair it!

I also have the exact same problem. Even when I press 'R' it won't repair. Any other advice would be much appreciated.

> KelDel -
I bought a new graphics card and installed it on my Gateway that has an xp operating system and apparently it was to much for it to handle but the Office Depot clerk said it would be fine. I turned on the computer after installing the hardware and then my computer made strange noises so I shut it down. I then reinstalled the other graphics card I bought a couple of years ago and now it comes up to a screen that ask for a boot disc. I put in my Windows xp reinstall cd and it says no file found or something like on the blue screen talking about partions. When I reboot the screen gives me 2 options. BIOS SETTINGS F2 Or BOOT MENU F10.
> tspencer -
Turns out I fried my Hard drive. Oh well, time for a new computer anyways.
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Can I make a boot disc from an OEM recovery cd? thanks
thanks ill give this a try.
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Thank you
in f10 or f11 theres a option that says AC POWER if it says off, turn it on save changes an your set!
Thank you
not sure what is more surprising that someone just replied a thread I started 4 years ago, or that the answer is turn the AC POWER on Oo
Thank you
Probably a reg problem. hkey\locmach\system\contro\some control set\.....
maybe corrupt reg entry, bad entry in hdw enmerator. Some viruses do this. If bad enuff you must re-install-do new install over old one erasing all current files but your data will live. very unpleasant. you could try reg fixes or manual on that key nothing to lose.

of course try cd boot w/repair first & pull all extra hdw out. Assumes you use latest antivirus.
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Thank you
hello I had the same problem! uh it sucked but I figured it out, in f10 or f11 theres a option that says AC POWER if it says off, turn it on save changes an your set! this should do the trick bud