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Im pretty sure i will need VBA for this issue and I have no clue.
I setting up an online store and I would like to track all my stock and transactions on a spread sheet.
I have a "stock sheet" with quantities of each product and I also want to have a "transaction sheet".
I would like to set up a button for each row of stock so that when I click it, it reduces the stock count of that item by 1 and makes a new row on the transaction sheet, enters the data of the item that was sold, and auto fills the time and the date of the click.
I would need it so that if i clicked the same item several times it creates a seperate row for each sold item.

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May 25, 2016 at 04:52 PM
I encourage you to record a macro doing all of that, then reverse engineer the variables, and attach a button! It is that simple :)

If I had to this, I would be using a DATABASE. With a database, you can build triggers, and make the tables keep track of each other!

Then just build a report, to get your orders, the order destination and all kind of good stuff (that you can't do in a spreadsheet!)