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Hello, last night I was on Facebook, when a Windows update popped up. I clicked it and my computer freaked out. The background now says "Warning, Dangerous Spyware, The following viruses were founded on your computer: Trojan horse, PassCapture and etc. Your private information may be potentially transferred to third parties. Please, check your computer using advanced software. Thanks." I cannot go in and change the background using properties because the option to choose a new background does not let me click on it. Also, XP-Shield 2.1 is now popping up. I have no idea what to do. The program isn't anywhere on the computer, it just pops up and is in the toolbar next to the time. There is also a little red button with and x in the toolbar that has a bubble pop up and says "Warning! Your computer is infected! It is recommended to start spyware cleaner tool." When you click on the bubble a webpage pops up for a product. That is the only pages that load. I cannot access any other internet sites on that computer... Please help!

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This same exact thing just happened to me yesterday on my other computer and now it's almost impossible to use, somebody help!
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