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 Franky -
I can't seem to scan and save more than one page at a time. I have to scan, save, scan, save. So when I send something as an email there are a lot of attachments. Anyone know if I can scan a bunch of pages and save as one doc??

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hye there, this is the only way to do it with HP scanners... depending on the HP software you are using!
Thank you

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I have done it.
I had a document with 50+ pages. The included software did the job.
So it is possible!
So I may be able to scan multiple pages with different software? Any idea what software? For the project I have to do I really need to be able to scan multiple pages; otherwise it will take me forever to finish! Thanks for your help:)
If you use the Irfanview software at https://www.irfanview.com/ you can use the "Acquire/Batch Scanning" option to scan multiple pages. I have a OJ 7590 and have used Irfanview to do this. It's got quite a few options for doing the scanning as well as manipulating the scans.