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Sunday May 21, 2017
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May 21, 2017
 cycenobites -
I have a toshiba laptop model PSC16C-00POOM I think its 2010
Anyhow It will not turn on a all. The battery light will flash 5 times and then shuts off. I tried to take the battery out, unplug the power supply, plug the power supply back in without the battery, tried to turn on the laptop but it will still do nothing won't turn on and I did hold the power button for several seconds.

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Saturday August 20, 2016
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October 30, 2019
Can you do the following :

Remove the battery.
Remove the power cable.
Press the power on button and hold it for about 10 seconds
Release the button.
Plug in the power cable and power on.

Does it power on or does the battery light still flash 5 times?
I did try that and the computer still will not power on and the battery light still flashes 5 times. I will try it again in case however I have tried this a couple of times. I also used different outlets and I have two Ac cords as well I have tried.
Hi there.
Actually I will try this again tonight as I didn't quite do it this way..
I had power cord in, removed battery, removed the power cord and then tried to power it on only. So tonight I will try this method and let you know. Thank you for the help.