Macro Code Help - Copy Row Based on Criteria Paste on One Sheet

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I have a spreadsheet that is tracking sales number from multiple sales people. Each person has their own tab & all the columns are the same info.

I need a macro to run and copy the full row when "Active" is typed into column F on each sale's person's worksheet. Then paste those rows onto a single Summary worksheet within the same workbook.

Can anyone help??

Also wondering if the rows will auto-populate updated numbers when information is changes on the individuals' worksheets? Or do you have to run the macro again?

Thank you!!!!

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Jul 28, 2017 at 09:58 PM
OK, so post some code, and let us know where you are stuck.

Please understand, it is tough to take the time to devise solutions. We post them, and the next reply is: "thanks, but it doesn't work."

We are volunteers that assist, but we cannot possibly provide turnkey solutions for work such as this. It is not like you are asking how to catalog a home movie library, you are doing work!

Everyone would love an easy button! Then, the next thing you know, the programmers have programmed the easy button to destroy who ever pressed the easy button!

If you have manual task such as these, be thankful, as it takes time to do work. If you have a button for this, then the next step is your manager pushing that button, and they do not need you!

Ever thought of that?