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  • unable to log in to facebook because......... Closed

    Hello, a visitor used facebook yesterday, now I cannot access my home page. Configuration: Windows Vista / Internet Explorer 8.0

    JR | Facebook | Latest reply: Estiven Rios Oosrio Jul 9, 2010
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  • Dell Inspiron laptop 1300 Closed

    Hello, I'm trying to fix a relative's laptop with wireless internet. There are a few different laptops that are working fine from the same connect...

  • Facebook Photo block issue Solved/Closed

    Hi there, I did something kind of dumb and I think I messed up my facebook page, maybe you can help me undo the damage. Basically, I was getting a...

    sugarsmack | Facebook | Latest reply: s Jul 9, 2010
    3 replies
  • yahoo homepage not opening Closed

    Hello, I cant open yahoo home page for some days now. I have tried using google chrome, mozilla & internet explorer. Other sites are opening excep...

  • how i can download DVD Drive softwer Closed

    Hello, hei my name is raheem Configuration: Windows 7 / Safari 533.4

    raheem | Downloading | Latest reply: Wandful Jul 9, 2010
    1 reply
  • not cnnecting to internet via firefox Closed

    Hello, i m not able to connect to internet using while explorer and chrome are able to...if i chnge the settings to automatic detect thn not able ...

    yash | Firefox | Latest reply: jack4rall Jul 9, 2010
    1 reply
  • facebook Solved/Closed

    Hello, I cant get access to my facebook Configuration: Mac OS X / Safari 531.22.7

    cheryl harris | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Jul 9, 2010
    1 reply
  • Browsers not working Closed

    Hello everyone, Yesterday i got a new laptop ( brand new) i let it download all stuff it needs to download when u get a new pc. then i put kaspersky...

  • facebook confirmation code Solved/Closed

    Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.6.3 hi, i just wanted to get my confirmation code on facebook.. and i want you to help me.

    melay | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Jul 9, 2010
    2 replies
  • problem in downloaded file Closed

    Hello, i was down loaded one file and when i opened it,s showing open not run.please advise me. Configuration: Windows Vista / Safari 533.4

    seeja | Downloading | Latest reply: seeja Jul 8, 2010
    2 replies
  • Can i download a menssenger directly on DSi? Solved/Closed

    Hello, where can I download a windows live messenger for DSi? it's possible?? and where I can do it?

    Gleeok | Downloading | Latest reply: thnx :) Jul 8, 2010
    18 replies
  • adobe flash player won't download Closed

    Hello, i can't get adobe flash player to download onto my DSi, it says it does not support my server. WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!!! :C if you ha...

    meranda | Downloading | Latest reply: Wandful Jul 8, 2010
    1 reply
  • Attachment support Closed

    Hello, My phone is 2730 classic. My phone browser is not supporting to attach files from my phone. Send me if you have any suggestions. Configu...

  • certificate error Closed

    the site orkut is not open and there is certificate problem. whenever i click the orkut say'the site has been removed or its name changed or temporari...

  • facebook Closed

    Hello, i forgot my security answer on facebook and they wont let me log in. how can i change it or log in? Configuration: Windows Vista / Inter...

    risha | Facebook | Latest reply: Wandful Jul 8, 2010
    1 reply
  • File search in internet. Closed

    Hello, It was so difficult to search for files shared in filesharing sites like rapidshare, mediafire etc. But now its very easy for me with this...

  • Connected, but can't use IE Closed

    Hello, I got up this morning and started up my computer and I cannot surf the net. I know I am connected to the internet as the other computers i...

  • how to delete facebook profile Solved/Closed

    hi can someonehelp i need to know how to delete my facebook profile thanks please help xx

    google | Facebook | Latest reply: ayesha Jul 8, 2010
    2 replies
  • settings for q5 Closed

    Hello, i want to settings for micromax Q5 Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 8.0

  • i cant download my yahoo attachment !!! Closed

    Hello, hi ; in fact i am having aproblem with downloading my yahoo attachments .. i am using internet explorer 8 .. and nod32 anti virus ??? pleas...

    ayat_ace | Downloading | Latest reply: little.jay60 Jul 8, 2010
    1 reply
  • i can't download without admin password Closed

    Hello, um, i can't download any 64 games online without an administrator password. my parents are out of town. I've tried what people say: to run as ...

    luke | Downloading | Latest reply: little.jay60 Jul 8, 2010
    1 reply
  • explorer.exe problem Closed

    Hello, my computer will boot up but will not show icons on desktop error message explorer.exe cant find shdocvw.dll try re-installing what do i do ...

  • youtube videos wont show up or play Closed

    Hello, my you tube videos wont show up or play it says my adobe flash is old or some thing

    dan | YouTube | Latest reply: bill Jul 7, 2010
    2 replies
  • cant login to my account Closed

    Hello, i cant login to my account it says that my e-mail does not issist can u help Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 8.0

  • Certain browsers not working Closed

    Hello, I have an HP laptop running Windows Vista. After killing a virus using, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer don't work, but Floc...

  • Adobe Reader Closed

    Hello, How do you send the attach to email, email in adobe reader Configuration: Windows Vista / Internet Explorer 8.0

  • i have joined letternet but i cannot find the Closed

    Hello, i cannot find the link to my confirmation email Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 6.0

  • Facebook disabled Solved/Closed

    Hello, facebook A couple of weeks ago I have disabled but I have no idea what happen to me.. would you explain to me this situation... also wou...

    steve mortimer | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Jul 7, 2010
    1 reply
  • sound card driver download Closed

    Hello, i formatted my dell inspiron 1501 series and uploaded a windows xp os,but could not get a sound card driver for it and a network adapter drive...

    snip | Downloading | Latest reply: temo Jul 7, 2010
    4 replies
  • My laptop cannot connect to the internet Closed

    I had my laptop for about five months, then it somehow got disconnected to the internet. I have tried reconnecting it but it doesn't work. I have also...

  • English facebook, how do I get it back ? Closed

    Hello, I shut down for a while and facebook went from English to Spanish..and I have tried to go back to favorites and get it in English like I have...

    Lonewolf | Facebook | Latest reply: xpcman Jul 6, 2010
    1 reply
  • Domain Names Server Down Solved/Closed

    Hello, My internet is fine and all but when I want to go onto a website but it sometimes says there's no internet connection even though there is ...

  • somebody hacked my account Closed

    Hello, hello somebody hacked my account. It ?not be open anymore . It says i was locked, what shall do?

  • for each in mailto XSL Closed

    Hello, How can I use the for-each values in Mailto tag. eg. I have 5 Employees email in separate columns ... I want that if someone clicks on...

  • i want link for free pc suit of g'five t580 Closed

    Hello, i Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 7.0

  • plz provide me miro sd 1gb chip password Closed

    Hello, plz provide me miro sd 1gb chip password Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 6.0

  • Help me to download sound driver Closed

    Hello, Pliz help to download sound driver of my HP Compaq 510 Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 6.0

    Dhana | Downloading | Latest reply: jack4rall Jul 5, 2010
    1 reply
  • Facebook Hacked - now no incoming email on OE Solved/Closed

    Hello..I am new to this. June 11, 2010 someone hacked into my Facebook account with that scam for "stuck in the UK..need money. Facebook closed my acc...

    nancy | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Jul 5, 2010
    2 replies
  • they hacked my face book and my msn Closed

    Hello, can any one help me they hacked my face book and my msn so i did evrey thing but they didn't get me back so what i have to do Configurat...

  • increase the downloading speed Closed

    Hello, dear sir/ madam, plz help me tell me how to increase the downloading speed upto 50 kbps from speedbit acclerator plus(Dap) Confi...

    cyberwolf | Downloading | Latest reply: Ambucias Jul 5, 2010
    2 replies
  • large video files hanging up Windows Explorer Closed

    Hello, Configuration: Windows Vista / Firefox 3.6.6 I was working with pinnacle studio 14 and all was well and then I went to move some large vid...

  • can't open some web sites Closed

    I am living in saudi arabia, my problem is, when i change my internet provider i couldn't open some certain web sites, it says "server not found".

  • Downloading music without itunes Closed

    Hello, Im at my qrandma's for the week and her computer is so ancient and wont let me downloads itunes. I want music for my ipod touch, free. Can ...

    Mahoqany | Downloading | Latest reply: closeup22 Jul 5, 2010
    1 reply
  • speed incease Solved/Closed

    Hello, my bsnl 3g modem has vey slow speed ...........................plese send answer for increase speed of bsnl 3g modem

  • I tunes 9.2 Closed

    Hello, I have been trying to download itunes 9 on my computer and i keep getting a message cannot access the network location %APPDATA%\. Conf...


    Hello, sir/mam i want to download Google earth's latest version please help me by telling how to download Google earth's latest version. ...

    rishabh jain | Downloading | Latest reply: jack4rall Jul 4, 2010
    1 reply
  • need help b4 i blow up Closed

    Hello, Im trying to download adobe flash player but every time i clikc to down load this message shows up: your current security settings do not all...

  • Malware, internet explorer Closed

    Hello, Cleaned up the trojan malware with antimalware but internet explorer seems to be blocked. any ideas Configuration: Windows XP / Internet...

  • Facebook roadblock security code won't send Solved/Closed

    Hello, My account was temporarily suspended and i got the facebook roadblock. For AGES i couldnt access my account because at step 3, the security...

    Ben | Facebook | Latest reply: Hala Jul 4, 2010
    2 replies
  • Internet Connection Issue Solved/Closed

    Hello, My internet connection stops working after 5 to 10 minutes. It doesn't matter which browser I use, and it affects Yahoo Messenger and my AV...