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  • Hacked and stolen IG account

    Hello, I was naive. After a follower asked for my help by copying a link that would be sent to me and sending it back to them, they stole my account...

    CaribbeanLover | Latest reply: HelpiOS Aug 10
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  • Instagram direct messages notifications not working

    Hello, I have not been able to get notifications from my instagram direct messages? I have tried almost everything on general website suggestions: ...

    kittyf | Latest reply: HelpiOS Aug 10
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  • Why Instagram Videos are not sharing or posting anymore?

    Hello, Why is it that after many posts of many videos, now videos are NOT  posting or sharing  on Instagram PC App?

    redleggedreaves | Latest reply: HelpiOS Aug 09
    1 reply
  • feeds are not working

    Hello, I am a blogger in the tech field; mostly, my audience asked me about the feed problem, and they sent me a massage like this. I am facing too ma...

    huzaifasunny | Latest reply: huzaifasunny Aug 07
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  • Reel posts not visible to other accounts

    Hello, I've just created a basic reel from a business account, this shows as being visible on both the main photo grid and reel tab when I'm on my bu...

    LJM_insta_qu... | Latest reply: LJM_insta_questions Aug 07
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  • How to see someone's close friends

    Hello, I would really need to see someone's close friends on instagram. Does anyone know how to do that (or hack that), even though I am not on their...

    Baruu | Latest reply: Baruu Aug 07
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  • gift messages don't work

    If I send a gift enclosed message to someone, they don't see it, neither I see it when it sent to me

    nogato | Latest reply: nogato Aug 06
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  • Can’t see or reply to comments at my own posts Closed

    Hello, Please help. At all my posts on Instagram I cant see or reply to comments that are made at my posts. Tried everything and all the settings ...

    Snowglobefor... | Latest reply: Arman3212 Aug 04
    12 replies
  • Instagram promotion disabled

    Hello friend, My instagram promotion is disabled though I have not really posted any promotional posts there I have already unlinked my Facebook fr...

    TashiWangmu | Latest reply: TashiWangmu Aug 04
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  • Instagram works on Browser but not App

    I didn't see this being asked already but sorry if that's the case. I installed the latest Instagram App update. Then I logged out but when logged bac...

    GERMANATOR | Latest reply: GERMANATOR Aug 03
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  • Account restricted from advertising on Instagram

    Hello, Account restricted from advertising on Instagram You can't run ads 

    Khushboodk1 | Latest reply: Khushboodk1 Aug 02
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  • Was my profile taken off restricted by this person?

    Hello, I use the mobile site and not the app. I noticed when I looked on this person's profile it showed the follow button only. When I looked at i...

    Reese | Latest reply: Reese Aug 01
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  • New hack Solved

    Hello,people careful there is a new hack happening people are sending images with links attached if you click on the image you would get a message b...

    Bm | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 31
    1 reply
  • New posts are not shown to my followers

    Hello my friends ❤️ My livelihood is completely dependent on Instagram. I have an old page in this application and I have never violated the rules, ...

    RoyA | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 31
    7 replies
  • Changing username

    Hello, what should I do if I can't change my username to the username that doesn't exist?

    Mick | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 29
    1 reply
  • Instagram Account Hacked!

    Hello, Two days ago my Instagram Artist Page was hacked. Despite 48 hrs trying to retrieve my account, I have got absolutely nowhere! Instagram...

    artistfromNW3 | Latest reply: Jenn Jul 28
    28 replies
  • Reels viral

    Hello, My instagram account promotion are disabled

    Deepak_joshi... | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 28
    1 reply
  • People can't reshare my tagged stories on their account.

    Hello, I've tried all the setting possible, but people can't reshare my tagged stories on their accounts, they don't even have the option to do so. ...

    pakeeza.safeer | Latest reply: pakeeza.safeer Jul 27
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  • Instagram shows vedio selfie verification again and again Closed

    Hello, My instagram shows vedio selfie verification again and again. I have complted the process but it still show the same turn your face right a...

    zaain__01 | Latest reply: Hearted.786 Jul 27
    4 replies
  • My account closed, I need to recover my Instagram account

    Hi, this 2 years Instagram closed, blocked my account because I was publishing naked girl photos, I had 3 reports from Instagram then the forth closed...

    Suma | Latest reply: Suma Jul 26
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  • How to Hide Facebook Click Id from Instagram link in bio?

    Hello peoples... From some days I have seen that my Instagram Business Profile link in bio as changed... Before was: Now is:

    Thavzvs42 | Latest reply: Thavzvs42 Jul 25
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  • Unlink Website Access - Squarespace

    Hello, I am running into an issue where I need to unlink Squarespace access through Instagram but when I take the steps on my Instagram Account... S...

    SmileEveryday | Latest reply: SmileEveryday Jul 22
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  • log in without phone #

    Hello, My son uses IG on his iPad only. he doesn't have a phone and the email he put in years ago is wrong. Now he lost his password. Is there a wa...

    petrafischer | Latest reply: petrafischer Jul 20
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  • Collab Posts Disappeared Solved

    Hello, I tried to archive a photo I posted that was part of a collab. I got an error message and now the post is gone. Not in my feed, archived post...

    ChristopherJ... | Latest reply: Millie Jul 20
    9 replies
  • Unable to change lyrics on story music

    I used to be able to use what part of the song to play in my story but now I can't. It started after I redownloaded the app and it's up to date. I am ...

    asian.angelo | Latest reply: asian.angelo Jul 19
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  • Instagram's suggested profiles: how to activate?

    Hello, I noticed that the "Suggested profiles" tab next to "Follow" is absent in my main account, and I'm worried that this prevents my profile to be...

    rub_1947 | Latest reply: rub_1947 Jul 19
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  • I need people to work with me on Instagram

    Hello, I need someone who can convince people to buy Instagram services (followers, likes, comment....) If you are interested contact me here  Instag...

    Suma | Latest reply: Suma Jul 19
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  • Instagram error when trying to upload DL

    Hello, I put in the wrong birthdate on my business Instagram account, so it was disabled. When I long in it tells me to upload my ID but when I do...

    Playwood | Latest reply: jimmywick Jul 18
    1 reply
  • I am unable to appeal IG for deactivation ARMY Vet

    I hope I get some advice here. I run a page on IG for Veterans and the Military, especially for those battling PTSD and mental health. Since the War i...

    jesusucsb1 | Latest reply: jesusucsb1 Jul 17
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  • Do celebs make anonymous profiles?

    Hello, Me and 2 other fans meet a celeb we liked recently at a convention.  Many people were in line to meet him for a specific character he played m...

    Janelle75 | Latest reply: Janelle75 Jul 17
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  • Researches cronology automatically deletes

    Hello, I have an important question. I really search nothing on Instagram, but sometimes happens, and i never delete my cronology of these few resear...

    Andribarbi | Latest reply: Andribarbi Jul 16
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  • Clicking on posts does nothing: desktop version, edge/chrome

    Hey y'all As the title suggests, nothing happens when I click on any post on any profile. I can still click on Reels but only if I go to the reels ta...

    cpoll23 | Latest reply: Rick Jul 15
    1 reply
  • Instagram account deactivated

    Hello, My instagram account was deactivated by instagram without any reason. I filled a form and sent the verification code via email. I sent multipl...

    Instauser | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 15
    5 replies
  • No audio reel when shared to grid

    Hello,  This is a recent issue. My reels play fine in preview but when they are shared to my grid the audio is silent (for me and my followers)  Tri...

    lufc1967 | Latest reply: lufc1967 Jul 15
    1 reply
  • How do I fix "Confirm your info on the app" message?

    Hello, I've started to get a lock screen with the message "Confirm your info on the app" when I click on IG links in other web pages. This is in Chr...

    pjaj | Latest reply: jimmywick Jul 14
    5 replies
  • Solution to hacked Instagram video selfie error 6.14.2022 Solved

    Hey guys! I was in the same boat until just now. So it’s definitely the camera settings on newer phones that’s throwing off the facial recognition ...

    Megancarroll... | Latest reply: Bayouteacher Jul 13
    3 replies
  • Open my insta account

    Hello, my instagram account has been locked, i dont know why its been locked but i really need it back, this is an old account and i cant remember wh...

    _tanvi_sriva... | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 13
    1 reply
  • Why my website not showing in search?

    Hello, I'm putting quality content and giving good product reviews. But not my website showing in search even though i post regularly with high qulit...

    Jason | Latest reply: Peter Jul 11
    3 replies
  • Unable to follow people or like photos

    Hello, I made a new Instagram profile because my other one was hacked and for some reason I cannot follow back several of my friends or like photo...

    Stelios.mtz | Latest reply: Peter Jul 11
    2 replies
  • Can't see instagram messages

    Hello, I have a problem, since yesterday i can't see instagram messages. I can send them but they don't stay in chat. other person can see it. they ...

    ursa | Latest reply: Peter Jul 11
    1 reply
  • Error in Account reactivation

    Hi Everone, I have deactivated my account for 2 months presently and after the break, I am attempting to log back within. The thing is after I sort m...

    Trackcourier | Latest reply: Peter Jul 11
    1 reply
  • No one can mention or tag me in anything!

    Hello,   For months now, none of my followers or other instagram users have been able to mention my business in their stories, and they have not been...

    sophiec199 | Latest reply: sophiec199 Jul 09
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  • Please advise. I can’t log into Instagram SOS

    Hello, I’m trying to log into my Instagram business page. It’s asking me to verify my age etc. when I’ve tried to do this and uploaded my Identifi...

    Amybrown1995 | Latest reply: Peter Jul 08
    6 replies
  • Instagram reactivation

    Hello I deactivated my account on Instagram a week ago and now I wanted to reactivate it. Unfortunately it does not work. I have two-factor authentic...

    Adrian458 | Latest reply: Peter Jul 08
    3 replies
  • Account reactivation error

    Hello, I have deactivated my account for 2 months now and after the break, I am trying to log back in. The thing is after I type my name and pass...

    m1cck0 | Latest reply: Peter Jul 08
    2 replies
  • This song is currently unavailable on reels

    Hello, About 2 months ago a few of my reels suddenly lost their audio and say "this song is currently not available". This is very frustrating as...

    Deede | Latest reply: Deede Jul 06
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  • Cant get my disabled account back

    Hello, I disabled my account well over a year ago and I’m trying to activate it again. I lost my 2FA codes. Now Instagram gave me the option to use ...

    Donut | Latest reply: Donut Jul 05
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  • Can't share tagged stories..

    Hello, I am using an IPhone XR and my tagged friends can't share my stories.. (Instagram!) Tried reinstalling, rebooting.. Just about everythi...

    Lightning113 | Latest reply: Lightning113 Jul 04
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  • Instagram has been hacked

    Hi I can’t gain access to my instagram account. There’s no email account linked and the mobile number has been changed. It won’t even let me click mor...

    Jhbeauty_ | Latest reply: Jhbeauty_ Jul 01
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  • Instagram Account Action Blocked Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have just started an Instagram page two days ago. I started following accounts with similar genre to boost my page's popularity. To avoid...

    adriannggg | Latest reply: hareeshspl Jun 30
    3 replies