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Boosted content changed color of video

Hello, Do you know why when I boosted a reel on Instagram, it changed the colors of my video completely and ruined it?Do you have any solutions for t...

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New phone and email

Hello, I got a new phone with a new number and new emails. No old email is on my device. I downloaded fb and instagram and was going to make new acco...

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My instagram is hacked i can't get it back

please help I think this is hackers email u******o@f*****.com


Can't long in on the app but can on the browser

Hello, My 2 instagram accounts was wrongly disabled I got them back. However since then I have been unable to log in on the app it comes up with erro...

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Can’t log in

Hello   I can’t log in due to an old email which outlook shut down as it was hacked. And an old phone number. Any suggestions?

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Anyone's dm order all weird ?

Hey everyone I hope you can help me So the last 4 days my instagram weirdly changed... I normally use my instagram by sending dms of memes and ...

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Reels not loading properly


When I open a reel on iPhone or iPad, the reel appears briefly, then another unrelated reel appears and runs. I've tried restarting the device, uninst...

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How to verified instagram account?


I have registered a limited company via companyhouse in the UK. I want a verified Instagram account with a blue tick. I have applied many times, but I...

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Cross-association in instagram's algorithm

Hello, In case I have 2 separate Instagram accounts on the same device. let's call them user1 and user2. now, I followed user3 from my user2 (but n...

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Can somebody help me with this?

I have two different accounts in one of them I used to follow this person X. But now I don't follow X anymore. I found something strange today, that t...


"comments restricted" how to resolve this issue on instagram

Hello, My comment activity on Instagram posts got restricted. I want to know how to resolve this issue? 

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Unable to access instagram account

Hello, I was strangely logged off of my IG account while using it and have been trying to login without success. Haven't had no issues with my accoun...


How to send audio in instagram


Hello, Could you explain to me how to send audio or voice recording in Instagram? Best regards

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Can't login to my instagram.

Hello, Yes I have my account on Instagram 

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Hacked account instagram

Hello,does anyone have problems resetting password in hacked instagram accounts 

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Music search function in reels isn't working


Hello, I recently added a new instagram account to keep a record of our family travelling. When I go to add music to a Reel the search function doesn...

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Non-followers/non-following can't view my instagram pictures

For the past few months, my Instagram pic like went from averaging about 40 per post to 10, and I didn't see any drop in viewership/likes from my post...

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Can i use my facebook account to recover my instagram


Hello this is Kesia my problem is  I forgot the password of my email address and also i lost my number I was using  Now I’m using another email accoun...

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No gallery on insta


Hi ..for some reason I can no longer access my gallery when I want to post. The drop down box only shows recent not gallery.  I have uninstalled app ....

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Can’t log into instagram from multiple devices

Hi! I’m struggling so so much with this, and it’s driving me mad. Last night I used a third-party app to look at my insights and stuff, but soon after...

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Hello, Instagram decides to restrict my ability to like or comment on posts a few days ago. They have no support line or technical chat to speak of. I...

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I can't use my instagram account

Hi everyone! Since the last update of the Instagram app for iPhone I can no longer use my personal account, every time I log in it no longer shows me...

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Pin instagram highlights

Hi everone, I have a dropshiping store on Instagram. I wanna ask that how can I pin story highlights on Instagram so that people can watch latest prod...


Collab posts disappeared


Hello, I tried to archive a photo I posted that was part of a collab. I got an error message and now the post is gone. Not in my feed, archived post...

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Stories sharing

Hello, I created a new account, but it seems like people can't reshare my stories in their stories feed. So far all the solutions I saw on Google did...

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How to make highlight public?

I want to make a highlight on Instagram, but when I publish it, the highlight automatically becomes a close friend. How do I remove it? So it will be ...

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Can't seem to hide suggested accounts

Hello, I cannot hide suggested accounts in spite of turning off in settings.

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Instagram story ads

Hello, I see lots of stories/ads with 4 product from the advertiser shop. How do you create it? It’s a template? Can’t find nothing


Can we change instagram profile colors

Hello, I don't explore on Instagram much. I am worried, Can we make changes on Instagram profile, like background colors. If yes, are there some spec...


I can no longer see my post when reading comments

Hello, Recently I noticed that when someone comments on my post I can't see my post, only what they've written.  I'd really appreciate some help ple...


How can i undo seen message into unseen message on instagram


Hello There I Got Message From a Person On Instagram But Mistakenly I Opened That Person Message And Now It is No More Unread message So How Can I Und...

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Instagram disable mistake

hey im wondering why my page stay disabled for not following community guidelines i have all information i did the turn to left and right face identif...

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Has my message been read?


I have sent an Instagram message to someone I do not follow. The message is showing as sent, but not read. I understand it is possible for people to r...

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Does anyone know what's going on with this highlight? help

Hello, For some reason I can't watch this highlight and the others from this person, but this problem only happens in the app and with this specific ...

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Account restricted

Hello, My account has been restricted on wednesday (saw it on facebook in the Account space), i can't use anything on it. I didn't get a reason or...

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Franchise instagram account

Hello, I manage a corporate franchise account on Instagram. This means that I use the logos and content of the original brand with their explicit perm...

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Undo remove link

Hello, Recently I accidentally removed my bio's link from my bf's account and now he can't mention me. How do I recover the link?

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Hi trying to do an Instagram post with a video inserted in to an iPhone template. Can get images in to the template but videos just disappear behind...

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Unable to find specific instagram account

Hello, I am having troubles with finding specific Instagram account. When I type the username in the search bar the account doesn't show up.  Now he...

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Merging two instagram accounts - need to make one username


Ok I have two instagram accounts 1. is xxabc ( this is my main account I want to keep 2. is abcofficial ( secondary account but I want to use THIS u...

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Instagram dm deleted


Hello, I want deleted instagram message back Can I retrieve it from somewhere it was a very important message

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Instagram highlights not loading

Instagram highlights of someone is visible on their account but not loading, And this is happening just with a particular person when I try to view i...

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My insta not working


Hi, friends from last 5 hours my Instagram not working, why i don't understannd why. please help me 

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Ig stories from close friends to public

Hello, I have in my archive an old story that was originally setted on "close friends". Now I'd like to put this story in my story highlights, but i...

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Do websites selling ig followers real?


Hello, Here's one example: InstaPowerful - Become Powerful. Instantly. Do websites like these work or it's a total scam??

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We’re reviewing your info


Hello, My account is stuck on "We’re reviewing your info' from last week. I cant login to my account and can not appeal for my decision cos it asks t...

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Instagram searched #hastags posts


Hello, I have a problem because on PC I have few searched posts when searching via #hastag. I have more posts displayed on the mobile app, but only 9 ...

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Account recovery

Hello, I lost access to my two factor authentication code for Instagram after resetting my phone and now i can't login. I don't have my own photo upl...

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How to report a defamatory account on instagram

Hello, I am trying to report an account with a defamatory name, description and profile picture on Instagram but the process they have in place can o...

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Feed stuck

Hello, I have an iPhone 11 My Instagram account has been showing posts only from 6th and 21st of May of this year - meaning the only posts in my f...

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