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  • window explorer Closed

    when i am opening any folder or try to explore the folder then it's taking long time to open. Please guide me?

  • cant download on computer Closed

    Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 3.6.3I have lost my disk for my hp photosmart c6380 all-in-one printer

    jimross | Downloading | Latest reply: suff954 May 10, 2010
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  • Deleted Facebook from itouch.. Closed

    Help!!!! I deleted Facebook from my iTouch because it wasn't working. So I deleted it, and then when to my itunes and deleted it there as well. Whe...

    Deena | Facebook | Latest reply: dist.urbd May 10, 2010
    1 reply
  • how to go to facebook from facebook lite Closed

    Hello, wenever i login 2 automatically goes 2 fb lite....n the page goes blank!!!!!......cant go 2 my homepage.... :(( do i get out ...

    neha | Facebook | Latest reply: priya May 10, 2010
    2 replies
  • Free download for logitech 8k89ite camera dri Closed

    Hello, Free download for logitech 8k89ite camera driver

    del | Downloading | Latest reply: Sahin May 9, 2010
    3 replies
  • lost messages on facebook Closed

    i was chatting to someone on facebook and somehow managed to delete her message to me can i recover it? Configuration: Windows XP / Safari 532.5

    topcat | Facebook | Latest reply: closeup22 May 9, 2010
    1 reply

    Hello, I'm having a problem signing up for facebook. After I type all the information in and press sign up, nothing happens. It is really frustrating...

    hello.... | Facebook | Latest reply: jubba May 8, 2010
    12 replies
  • CANCEL Facebook Solved/Closed

    Get me out of this facebook Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 7.0

    susab Newman | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias May 8, 2010
    2 replies
  • formatted sansa clip won't download songs Closed

    I have a sandisk sansa, and the person I got it from ran a format on it. This process erased the songs that were on there, and now no computers will ...

    c | Downloading | Latest reply: closeup22 May 7, 2010
    1 reply
  • Facebook confirmation code Solved/Closed

    i did not receive yet the confirmation of my facebook account at please send my confirmation mail to my yahoo account Configuratio...

    eltrife | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias May 7, 2010
    5 replies
  • Ipod/Downloading/Windows media Player Closed

    I have my music on Windows media player and im trying to trandfer them to my itunes but it says i cant transfer them because they are WMA and it cann...

    candice | Downloading | Latest reply: ash_perez01 May 7, 2010
    1 reply
  • Download for Web e camera Closed

    Hello, I lost my cd for downloading my web e camera, please assist to get it down loaded again Barbara

    Barbara | Downloading | Latest reply: kapil May 6, 2010
    2 replies
  • Problem logging onto facebook Closed

    I keep trying to login to facebook and am told "that I have a cookie problem"... So, I logged in to and was able to do this for...

    Bruce | Facebook | Latest reply: closeup22 May 6, 2010
    1 reply
  • Unable to open google Closed

    Hello, Although my network speed is good and I regularly scan my system with updated Avast anti-virus, but from past 2 days I'm Unable to open websit...

    Deepak | Google | Latest reply: LOGI May 6, 2010
    4 replies
  • Facebook video problem Closed

    Hello, My facebook videos doesn't play at all. Every time i click to play any videos, it says latest version of required and after installing the la...

    dhiraj | Facebook | Latest reply: Huz May 6, 2010
    3 replies
  • cannot download adobe flash player Closed

    I cannot download adobe flash player..It always promp 'THE DOWNLOAD DID NOT PASS THE INTEGRITY CHECK (16263.304.371) pLS HELP....thanks

    khatijah | Downloading | Latest reply: TIGERsHAKER May 5, 2010
    1 reply
  • Youtube issues Closed

    I have a mac, I cannot see the thumbnail images or videos on Youtube. I cannot figure out how to fix this. There is nobody I can contact in Youtube f...

    C | YouTube | Latest reply: Joneswilliamsc May 4, 2010
    1 reply
  • LANGUAGE change Facebook Closed


    BETHIEPOO | Facebook | Latest reply: closeup22 May 3, 2010
    1 reply
  • incresing download speed Closed

    how can i increase a downloading speed? Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 8.0

    tillya | Downloading | Latest reply: closeup22 May 3, 2010
    1 reply
  • facebook ...cant view Closed

    m nalisa here....hi,plz help me on log in my fb.......everytime wen i log in my fb profile...ter was a wrds on"DNS FAILURE"PLZ TRY GAIN ...

    nalisha | Facebook | Latest reply: closeup22 May 3, 2010
    1 reply
  • my ipod can not download songs Closed

    Configuration: Windows 7 / Opera 9.80 hii friends. this is lalit vats. i am having a ipod with company name PKGK DV MP4 MP5(chienese) . whenever i...

    lalit vats | Downloading | Latest reply: ash_perez01 May 3, 2010
    1 reply
  • can i use ie8,opere10.53andchrome Closed

    can i use it i have 2.66ghz quad core,2gb ram win 7 home premium,i don mean to open three at same times,but i said i can i put three browsers on my co...

    sumana soh | Google Chrome | Latest reply: xpcman May 2, 2010
    1 reply

    Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0HOW DO I DO THAT.

  • msn password hacked Solved/Closed

    Hello, i really need your help..someone hacked my gf passwrd on msn and she is not able to sign in. Even the security question has been changed...plz...

  • FACEBOOK USERNAME/URL problem Closed

    Hy, this a crazy problem, it seems that my url has changed, and does not match with my username. when i click on my profile page it gives me the "expi...

    RANDOM_DUDE | Facebook | Latest reply: bava May 1, 2010
    4 replies
  • my account has been disable Closed

    hello, i dont know how, but my facebook account is disabled. pllzzz suggest me how i can continue with my account and enable it.>

  • i cant get on my profile on facebook Closed

    Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 6.0 i cant get on 2 my profile on facebook but loged in 2 someone elses an theres is workin fine

    rianne | Facebook | Latest reply: closeup22 Apr 30, 2010
    1 reply
  • download free network driver for hp compaq Solved/Closed

    Hello, they installed windows XP professional 2002 on Desktop hp compaq and we wanted to install small network but it is not appearing so I need help...

    Alfredo | Downloading | Latest reply: omda Apr 30, 2010
    3 replies
  • my friends can't see my facebook page! Closed

    Hello, My facebook page is having problems. I can get on fine... but my friends can't get to my page. Originally they were getting a screen that...

    Katie | Facebook | Latest reply: Harvey Apr 29, 2010
    6 replies
  • Facebook- missing Information and friends box Closed

    The information section to the left on my profile page- where it says location, birthday, relationship status, etc is totally blank and missing. As is...

    cl621 | Facebook | Latest reply: T Apr 29, 2010
    1 reply
  • facebook confirm code Closed

    Configuration: Windows Vista / Internet Explorer 8.0I CANT RECIVE MY COAD IT BE A LONG TIME AND I STILL CANT GET IN MY FACEBOOK

    CANDYGURL222006 | Facebook | Latest reply: @ntoine Apr 29, 2010
    1 reply
  • Who blocked me on msn Closed

    hello please i wanna know who blocked me on msn messenger , it's important to me thank you . Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.6.3

  • why won't itunes download? Closed

    I have an IBM windows laptop. i tryed to download itunes and the window came up so i clicked on run. then the download thing came up and it downloaded...

    confused | Downloading | Latest reply: closeup22 Apr 29, 2010
    2 replies
  • internet explorer error Closed

    munir ahmed munna bhai Configuration: Windows XP / InteInternet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the incon...

  • ubuntu plugins Closed

    Hello, hai ,, i want to know how to manually update the plugin for ubuntu without internet connection >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> if so what is the procedure

  • Windows Explorer error Closed

    Hi All, While opening windows i am getting error message as Windows explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. when i click on don't se...

  • facebook confirmation code Solved/Closed

    Configuration: Windows XP / Safari 532.5i already sign up for facebook but it was not yet confirmed. i cannot see any confirmation code in my email. p...

    krizzy | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Apr 28, 2010
    1 reply
  • cant find my downloads Closed

    Hello, I can't find any files that I download.I watch it download completely and then nothing happens,trying to download avg. Configuration: Windo...

    trace | Downloading | Latest reply: dist.urbd Apr 28, 2010
    1 reply
  • pls give me code for facebook Closed

    hi help me for facebook code Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 6.0

    yashika | Facebook | Latest reply: closeup22 Apr 28, 2010
    1 reply
  • Explorer.exe - Fatal Application Exit Closed

    Hello, I am no longer able to burn CD's or DVD's using my Windows Media Player. When I click on "Burn to Disc" a popup window states explorer.exe -...

  • NEED help with IE8, no video stream Closed

    I'm hoping to get some new things to try, i have read and tryed many different things from different forums and nothing helps, i have a toshiba, i don...

  • hacked facebook Solved/Closed

    Hello, Can anyone please help me. Someone is making my life a living hell by accessing my friends and families email and facebook accounts. They the...

    girl23 | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Apr 26, 2010
    1 reply
  • Firefox cannot find server: Closed

    I can access my internet with firefox and IE, but when I try to go to any addresses with AVAST in it, it tells me that the page cannot be found. HELP,...

    cyndi | Firefox | Latest reply: cyndi Apr 26, 2010
    1 reply
  • Downloaded games wont play Closed


    EUGENE | Downloading | Latest reply: battosai_88 Apr 26, 2010
    1 reply
  • facebook Closed

    i can not load on to facebook at all when i put log in to facebook the page goes blank help what can i do Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.6.3

    donna | Facebook | Latest reply: closeup22 Apr 25, 2010
    1 reply
  • facebook Closed

    i have two facebook account but i can;t open so please help me thanks.

    bhing | Facebook | Latest reply: ash_perez01 Apr 25, 2010
    1 reply
  • download page it keeps sending me to ERROR Closed

    Every time i try to go to and application or to a download page it keeps sending me to ERROR page saying an Error has occured.. ??? Configuration:...

    traci | Downloading | Latest reply: dist.urbd Apr 25, 2010
    1 reply
  • Flash player on Facebook for taking photos. Closed

    i tried installing it and i thought i did but when i went back to take a photo it wouldnt do anything.

    Trav | Facebook | Latest reply: dist.urbd Apr 25, 2010
    1 reply
  • youtube not opening with antifilter Closed

    youtube not opening with proxy please help vistahome

    aii | YouTube | Latest reply: dist.urbd Apr 25, 2010
    1 reply
  • Facebook Friends List Closed

    I'm using windows 7 IE8 and when I go to a friends page and click on their friends list to see all, it bounces me back to my page everytime. I've tr...

    Mark | Facebook | Latest reply: dist.urbd Apr 25, 2010
    1 reply