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  • Wireless connection Problem Closed

    Hello, i have problem in enabling wireless services on my laptop, i am having compac laptop with modem inside, i tried to connet through setting...

    neeti | WiFi | Latest reply: fusomit Dec 29, 2008
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  • ipod touch Closed

    Hello, i cant get ipod touch to connect to the internet using wi-fi with linksys router wrt54g. it as for password and when i put the pass word in it...

    babydobug | Network | Latest reply: Evan Dec 28, 2008
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  • lost my internet access Closed

    Hello, I have 2 laptops a ps3 and other devices that could all access internet pages on the 24/12 I updated windows xp to service pack 3 on main la...

    paulanchris | Network | Latest reply: paulanchris Dec 28, 2008
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  • checking computers Closed

    Hello, Anybody help me, pls. I installed wireless router in my house. but I didn't set any password on it. So, can I check how many computers a...

    Min | Network | Latest reply: makapusa Dec 28, 2008
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  • Cant connect to a wireless network Closed

    Hello. I just bought a new laptop and when I use it at home thru a secured home network, it works perfectly fine. I brought it at my mate's place and...

    a_s | WiFi | Latest reply: rhea Dec 27, 2008
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  • how can we accses drive between two systems Closed

    Hello, sir, i have connect my two system by using crossover cable and i wana accses their hard drive with each other, please help me to approv...

    hasan | Network | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 27, 2008
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  • How do I install a TCP/IP protocol. Closed

    Hello, I have a dell optiplex g260 and a gateway both running a windows xp pro operating system. Both computers says that we need a TCP/IP protocol ...

    boomx | Network | Latest reply: Abrishet Dec 27, 2008
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  • fast Closed

    Hello, I want a make my internet connection faster. PLZ give me some helpful information about how to make internet fast on PC?

    engima | Network | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 27, 2008
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  • how to connect two laptop Closed

    Hello, i want to connect my two laptop's using lan wire. one is with XP and other with the vista. could to tell me that, i just want to transfer fi...

    vivek | Network | Latest reply: gsta31 Dec 26, 2008
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  • Linksys Gs v7.2 Closed

    Hello, I have a Linksys 54gs v7.2 and a Toshiba Satellite laptop and HP desktop.....I can connect the the internet with the laptop and the desktop......

    Fishbone | Linksys | Latest reply: Bonnie Dec 25, 2008
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  • can't connect to internet.. Closed

    Hello, i am using bsnl broadband .. i my modem for the past 2 days net is not being connected. in the LAN connection when i right click and see the s...

    yaseen | Network | Latest reply: gadsl Dec 25, 2008
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  • Network having issues connecting to site Closed

    For some reason I am can sometimes access but the majority of the time I can't. I'm running vista on all three computers connected ...

    Steels | Network | Latest reply: Steels Dec 24, 2008
    3 replies
  • system32 Closed

    Hello, My husband bought me a used gateway laptop for christmas, anyway he said that he was defragging it and somehow lost \system32\ntoskrnl.e...

    silver6969 | Network | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 24, 2008
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  • how to brows internet on two laptops Closed

    Hello, i have bsnlADSL2+modem ,it have one useb port and one ethernet is possible that coonect one laptop by usb and other by ethernet cable ...

    piyush | Network | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 24, 2008
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  • how to connect two laptos Closed

    Hello, friends... i want to connect two laptops using LAN cable. we want to brows internet on both so we need help. kindly explain full steps ...

    piyush | Network | Latest reply: piyush Dec 24, 2008
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  • help me to make proxy Closed

    Hello, sir my name is saurabh malhotra and i am from IIT kanpur .I have a linux computer and i want to use it as a proxy server pls tell me the proc...

    saurabh | Network | Latest reply: eviewcam Dec 24, 2008
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  • how to share internet im ny laptop, Closed

    Hello, i have my old laptop,then i want to use internet in my room using my laptop,we have already internet in our desktop pc..i dnt knw how can i us...

    shiela | Network | Latest reply: Sam Dec 23, 2008
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  • Cant connect to Internet wireless, only wired Closed

    Hello, Hopefully someone can help me. I have a Presario laptop with built in wirless. I have a D Link wireless router. The laptop connected just fine...

    Nikk | WiFi | Latest reply: hazedown Dec 23, 2008
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  • Wireless Internet Acess Closed

    Hello, Please help me i want the best hardware i can use to connect a wireless internet for a Hotel and also the billing system for our quests. s...

    Tsekeli | WiFi | Latest reply: king Dec 22, 2008
    1 reply
  • linksys router/connection problem Closed

    Hello, I bought a new linksys router, the top of the line at Best Buy. I spent some time with the reps at linksys and finally 2 of my 3 laptops wor...

    marty | Linksys | Latest reply: mamat Dec 22, 2008
    3 replies
  • wifi and other drivers for lenux fedora Closed

    Hello, I have installed lenux fedora an ddont have drivers please help. otherwise tell me how can i remove lenux and install xp.

    shriram | WiFi | Latest reply: james Dec 22, 2008
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  • BSNL Baord band Net contact Numbers ( Bangal Closed


    BSNL Baord b... | Network | Latest reply: james Dec 22, 2008
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  • Wireless network Closed

    hi i need help with my wireless connection. Every time i try to put my network key it comes up with this message. "the network password needs to be 40...

    mrslash | WiFi | Latest reply: GPS Dec 21, 2008
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  • networkwork controller driver Closed

    Hello, networkwork controller driver for dell insoiron1501 lpease help me thank u

    danni | Network | Latest reply: hameed Dec 21, 2008
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  • make a payment with a swipe card by using mob Closed

    Hello, is it possible to use mobile phone as modem for making payment using swipe machine? how plzzzzz help

    taweelloo | Network | Latest reply: canonbj525 Dec 21, 2008
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  • Problem with wireless connection Closed

    Hello, I have a problem. I one desktop, one laptop and one router, and also an internet connection. The problem is that I am only able to connect...

    Viks | WiFi | Latest reply: Viks Dec 20, 2008
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  • how to check lan cable in software Closed

    Hello, dear sir pls help me I am how to check my network folt in cable and check software

    vikram | Network | Latest reply: cbr.cobra Dec 20, 2008
    1 reply
  • Surfing Problem after 25 minutes Closed

    Hello, Dear All my name is Aman I am getting surfing problem iafter ever 15 or 20 mintutes after reboot the connaction or disconnact the pppoe dila...

    Iffy | Network | Latest reply: challengelife Dec 20, 2008
    1 reply
  • have a wireles network but main comp cant Closed

    Hello, so here is my problem i have a dlink \wbr2310 wireless router it is hooked up to my desktop computer and i have two laptops that connect to t...

    Raif | Network | Latest reply: it4sb Dec 19, 2008
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  • couls someone help Closed

    Hello, my daughter is getting a laptop for x-mas and was wondering what steps i need to take to get her laptop set up so that she can travel with it a...

    loori | Network | Latest reply: loori Dec 19, 2008
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  • difference between a proxy server and normal Solved/Closed

    Hello, Hello, Just a simple question what is the difference between a proxy server and a normal server?

    dontozor | Network | Latest reply: hohot Dec 19, 2008
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  • upload directly from another link Closed

    Hey there, Well yesterday I was asking to myself of it was possible to upload directly from another link that is on the other web site. What we bas...

    timefor7 | Network | Latest reply: kevlaruni Dec 19, 2008
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  • how to passward protected Closed

    Hello, hi dear plz help me my question how to passward protect shaerd folder windows xp network (lan)?plz answer step by step procss. ...

    aa | Network | Latest reply: axelia1234 Dec 19, 2008
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  • minimum requirement is to use 512kbps Closed

    Hello, I'm planning to buy a new laptop and actually I'm planning to use a 512kpbs internet connection and I just wanted to know what the...

    winsolutions | Network | Latest reply: canthave Dec 19, 2008
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  • how to use brodband connection without the da Closed

    Hello, hi my name is mona. And i hav been using broadband for the past 1 yr. My problem is that i had brought dis modem so that i could use the landl...

    mona | Network | Latest reply: bytein Dec 19, 2008
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  • wireless printing Closed

    Hello, I have a desktop thats connect to a hp 7600 with a wireless route for my laptop. I am tring to get the laptop to print wireless can this be do...

    Nick | WiFi | Latest reply: nettout Dec 19, 2008
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  • How could I Share my Logical Drive in Vista Closed

    Hello, Please tell me How could I Share a logical drive in Windows Vista with Windows XP. I try myself by using Advanced Sharing but I could not open...

    vike.mrg | Network | Latest reply: osama Dec 18, 2008
    2 replies

    Hello, In my office most of the sites like yahoo, orkut, gmai. When I am go to this sites it shows Access Denied Can anyone please help me to solve...

    sushma | Network | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 18, 2008
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  • how can i connect 2 computers todail-up ? Closed

    Hello, pls i need some help! could you tell me how i can connect my dial-up network to more than one computer. is it possible?

    goodie | Network | Latest reply: sabato Dec 18, 2008
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  • Getway Problem Closed

    Hello, Here are my setting on My PC having 2 Different Lancards: NIC1 - connected to HUB2 on LAN2 IP Add: (set to have static ip a...

    sahanawaz | Network | Latest reply: melodyfive Dec 18, 2008
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  • how to connect with internet Closed

    Hi, I have a pc for some months and have decided to connect to the internet but the heck is that I cant find where to connect the phone line cable....

    unhack | Network | Latest reply: kirikou44 Dec 18, 2008
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  • Network Map Problem Closed

    Hello, Trying to set up a home network with a D-link router connected to a desktop running XP and a wireless connection to a laptop running Vista. T...

    GB | Network | Latest reply: GB Dec 17, 2008
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    CARMELA | Network | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 17, 2008
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  • how do i get 2 I P addresses Closed

    Hello, I am getting a job online which i have to have 2 IP address. I called my DSL provider and they said They only provide 1 unless i want to pay f...

    Danielle | Network | Latest reply: danielle Dec 17, 2008
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  • Laptop connection in wi-fi area Closed

    Hi! I am student in one of college of Pune .Our college is wi-fi area. I have Laptop but i don't know, how connect to the internet of my Laptop.

    Nilesh | Network | Latest reply: dinesh Dec 17, 2008
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  • backup drives Closed

    Hello, i just want know what are the backup drives and do they work

    duffy | Network | Latest reply: dinesh Dec 16, 2008
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  • how can i configure my personal Wifi network Closed

    Hello, hey,...can you help me out regrding to configure my personal Wifi network via my laptop.i have already a broadband connection with me & i just...

    Rajeev | WiFi | Latest reply: Martin Dec 16, 2008
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  • Help me with Ethernet Controller Closed

    Hello, I have a Compaq Evo N800c Note Book. Recently I had to reinstall the OS. Since then I cannot use Internet on this laptop. It says that the D...

    zaman | Network | Latest reply: jmp59 Dec 16, 2008
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  • installation program Closed

    Hello, i lost ma cd installation for my wrt54g2 v1 linksys router .. i wanted to know if anyone could gimme some help to find a downloadable program...

    vee | Network | Latest reply: mysticdreams Dec 16, 2008
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  • setup internet service Closed

    Hello, i just bought a hp notebook pavilion dv5, but I can't connect to internet. so I want to know that how I should set up the internet option. P.S ...

    clement | Network | Latest reply: clement Dec 15, 2008
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