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  • hospital information system Closed

    Hello, I am fred. I am a student...& learning to develop a software. This is my 1st project,so m very confused,how to make this software. I ...

  • How to Move the ActiveCell to the next row Closed

    Hello, Move the ActiveCell to the next row is simple: ActiveCell.Offset(1,0).Select Ok. But if AutoFilter is on, that command can lead me to a non ...

  • how to create a macro Closed

    Hello, i am completely new to the task of creating macros.can you please tell me how should i create a macro so that all the cells under a particul...

    mishti | Excel | Latest reply: venkat1926 Jul 12, 2009
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  • Making sheet increasing#'s&but same letters Closed

    Hello, labels that must have same V33j on all as well as another group of numbers usually 3 or 4more that would increase or advance by 1 number as ea...

    jen | Excel | Latest reply: Excelguru Jul 12, 2009
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  • any Closed


  • Sales Tax Formula for Exel 2007 Closed

    Hello, How do you write a formula for sales tax in an Excel 2007 document? Please help!!! Sam

  • look up new numbers from old list in new list Closed

    Hello, i am trying to look up new number in one list in a new list to see if there was new data added w/ the new list. I would like for the new numbe...

    Rabbit84 | Office Software | Latest reply: Excelguru Jul 11, 2009
    4 replies
  • How to add a ready macro to excel Closed

    Hello, I have downloaded a macro from a blog to keep a track of time and date when a cell was modified last. Please help me how to add it to the exc...

    lenin | Excel | Latest reply: venkat1926 Jul 11, 2009
    1 reply
  • percentage formula Closed

    Hello, i wanted to create a formula in excel, how do i create a percentage formula in excel (215 x 4 % equals what)

  • pivot table help Closed

    Hello, I am looking for some help wih creating template reprots using pivot tables. I have a large table of data with details of errors on it and a...

  • marl boro mother board driver Closed

    Hello, sir , I need a asus md marlboro mother board driver . how couil i get it . pls help me ...

  • forget my security and password Closed

    Hello, pls , i forget my password & security ans. for password

    sanjay | Word | Latest reply: realiser Jul 11, 2009
    1 reply
  • Download using USB Closed

    Hello, I need to know how to send ringtones from my laptop to my phone using the USB connection.

  • Protecting excel sheet from copying Closed

    Hello, i want to know how to protect an excel file on my hard to from copying by others. regards, rajeev

    rajeev | Excel | Latest reply: excelgod Jul 11, 2009
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  • problem in counting Closed

    Hello, i have a problem in counting figures suppose if write 10000000000 so it is how much i can not count easily because i have no perfect knowlede ...

  • I forgot my password and secret answer Closed

    Hello, Some one change my password and i forgot my secret answer to my secret question to my yahoo account I ask and try sooo...

    palflorin | Word | Latest reply: realiser Jul 10, 2009
    1 reply
  • Color Rows after Comparing Closed

    "Hello world", I have an excel file with three sheets. What I've done so far is to compare sheet1 with sheet2. Every new or updated record tha...

    sr7 | Excel | Latest reply: sr7 Jul 10, 2009
    2 replies
  • vlookup hlookup, match or index Closed

    Hello, I have a question regarding my excel problem.. I have two sheets of excels files containing a large range of data, is it possible to find ov...

  • Total windows password before login users ID Closed

    Hello, I am Dinaharan five yers back i set total windows password before user login. But I formated system and I forgot the command how to set th...

    rdsk | Word | Latest reply: onea97 Jul 9, 2009
    1 reply
  • Forget password Closed

    Hello, I forgot my hotmail password and the secret answer and the alternate e-mail i changed my password and i dont remember it and i have alot of im...

    Manj | Word | Latest reply: flcconflict Jul 9, 2009
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  • i cant show attachment Closed

    Hello, i m useing microsoft vista and i m useing microsoft office 2003 and useing microsoft outlook 2003 but i cant show word /pdf attachment

  • Activating Macro Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have made a calender which I want to prepare for next year with the press of a button. Here is the file:

    Trowa | Excel | Latest reply: Trowa Jul 9, 2009
    3 replies
  • need to reactivate micro office ultima Closed

    Hello, i got my office ultima through college 2 years ago. had to get a new computer recently, but because the product key with my office was done th...

  • sending email Closed

    Hello, with which software can i set the time for sending an email?

  • How to convert a HPG document into PDF? Closed

    Hello, Hi guys, I need to convert a HPG document into PDF format. Can someone help me?

    Hilda Thompson | PDF | Latest reply: Patrick Taylor Jul 9, 2009
    2 replies
  • Picture printing jumps in Word 2007 Closed

    Hello, Is there a solution to the problem of pictures jumping from placed positions in a document in Word 2007. I can get these pictures placed where...

    Mike | Word | Latest reply: MiBeloved Jul 8, 2009
    4 replies
  • massage display Closed

    Hello, I have tried doing the view with right or bottom view but unable to see the content i have also un installed and installed the ms office kindl...

    hisam | Office Software | Latest reply: sensei.moore Jul 8, 2009
    2 replies
  • forgot password Closed

    Hello, I forgot my password and the alternate Email ID ..My Id for which i forgot the password is . This is my official ID ...

    Pooja | Word | Latest reply: flcconflict Jul 8, 2009
    1 reply
  • Browser problems?? Closed

    Hello, My IE was working just fine. I went on vacation and when I came back, it all of a sudden stopped working. I didnt do anything to it nor did I ...

    Candice | Excel | Latest reply: shani47 Jul 8, 2009
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  • Comparing two excel sheets Closed

    Hello, I want to compare the rows in two excel sheets and find out true/false value. For eg: sheet 1 will be having 15 columns & sheet 2 will b...

    Rams | Excel | Latest reply: Filip Jul 8, 2009
    2 replies
  • Require help in excel Solved/Closed

    Hello, Pls help me by suggesting any formula or function for selecting two minimum values from range of numbers in excel spreadsheet. For exampl...

    Anakin | Excel | Latest reply: Anakin Jul 8, 2009
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  • for gmail password Closed

    Hello, i want to know other mail id password so give me the password of other e mail id

    pi | Word | Latest reply: fobvious5 Jul 8, 2009
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  • I cannot get my son to remember his password Closed

    Hello, i am having son put a password on my computer, and now he does not remember it.....I would like to put my foot up his back s...

    truckerswife... | Word | Latest reply: Stradian Jul 7, 2009
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  • VBA Excel 2007 Question Closed

    Hi there, I have a slight problem I am currently dealing with making up time sheets on the one sheet for a number of members of staff. The probl...

    thewhistler | Excel | Latest reply: Excelguru Jul 7, 2009
    5 replies
  • Comparing to Colums Closed

    Hello, I have a dilemma. I am trying to compare two sets of data to make sure they match. I have a bill with names and the amount for each name; th...

  • message display Closed

    Hello, Running Windows XP, SP2 and Office 2003, all updates. When a message is read, only the header inofrmation can be seen, not the message body. ...

  • Match and show non matched Closed

    Hello, I use the match formula all the time! But today I ran into an issue. How do I find out what did not match??? Example: Sheet 1 Column ...



  • forgot my password Closed

    Hello,my yahoomail is not working because i forgot my password.please get my account to be activated.

    chinna | Word | Latest reply: krishnasportsinsight Jul 7, 2009
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  • quickbooks excel export Closed

    Hello,I have been using quickbooks forever, and all of a sudden, with no change in software, QB stopped allowing me to export documents to excel. Has...

    DJ | Excel | Latest reply: Andra Jul 6, 2009
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  • if cell blank copy next cell Closed

    Hello, I have a list in a certain column that contains blanks and I would like to consolidate that list to not include the blanks in another column. ...

    marinsw | Office Software | Latest reply: mubashir aziz Jul 6, 2009
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  • help to check if else statements Closed

    Hello, I want to declare a name for the cell B25 from worksheet2. Let's call it "The Error". Then, I want to check several statements to check "The...

  • Excel will not open Closed

    Hello, When i go to open my microsoft excel program, excel has a pop up that says it is configuring microsoft office 2000 professional. Then when it...

    KCarter | Excel | Latest reply: mubashir aziz Jul 6, 2009
    3 replies
  • comparing values Closed

    Hello, I have two columns with wth values i want to compare the two values each every value of the column 1 with the values in column two if the valu...

  • excel help Closed

    Hello, I have four columns of data. Column B is a list of words that match up with the words in column C. However column B is a complete list and co...

    kl | Excel | Latest reply: venkat1926 Jul 6, 2009
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  • forget my password and secret answer Closed

    Hello, i forget my password and my secret answer enven i fillef the application quickly so i dont have idea how can i get the way to get back my em...

    bachar | Word | Latest reply: aquarelle Jul 6, 2009
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  • running total Closed

    Hello, can I have a running total in a cell in a row even if one of the cells has a formula in it? If so how I want to add numbers from two differen...

  • Formula??? Closed

    Hello, Iam pretty new to Excel usage..The problem is , I would like to add few columns in one excell sheet and display the result in other sheet..Can...

  • Trouble activating macro Solved/Closed

    Hello, I've got a macro which runs on 12 worksheets. When the result of a formula changes I want the macro to do his job. What I do now is manu...

    Trowa | Excel | Latest reply: Trowa Jul 6, 2009
    3 replies
  • help with sheet Closed

    Hello, i have an excel sheet whereby in column A i have a list of 10 things to do on a call. I want make list on a new sheet to display of all thos...

    kab0102 | Excel | Latest reply: venkat1926 Jul 5, 2009
    1 reply