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  • pen drive Closed

    Hello, Hello sir i have transcend 2 gb pen drive. It is showing 0 byte and not formatting from windows xp.. plase help,how can i formate it...

    jony | Latest reply: jms22726 Jan 8, 2010
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  • Pendrive Closed

    Hello, I have 32gb kingston pendrive but,Its copy the data but when view the data its not show proper format

    Ramesh | Latest reply: ramesh2412 Jan 5, 2010
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  • bootable pen drive error Closed

    Hello, my pc is giveing GRDRL error while booting from usb pen drive which is make bootable

    sachin | Latest reply: dist.urbd Jan 5, 2010
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  • pendrive Closed

    Hello, hai i have an pen drive of kingston 4gb it used to work properly but one day when i pluged it into my pc it did not detect it shows an sign t...

    punni | Latest reply: jenni.g Jan 2, 2010
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  • pny pendrive problem Closed

    hai tis is deepan . my pen drive is not been recognised in any system. hope it may b bcoz of driver software can anyone help me out........

    deepan | Latest reply: deepan Jan 2, 2010
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  • wth of my Pendrive... Closed

    Hello, I had formatted my 4GB Pen drive by using Apple's MacBook Pro. While I plugin to my on PC, it said that must format it. I just follow the ...

    Eren | Latest reply: dist.urbd Jan 2, 2010
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  • problem for removig my 4gb pen drive Closed

    Hello, sir my pen drive is problem for removig sent softwear

    santosh | Latest reply: dancedhall Jan 2, 2010
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  • My pendrive having problem Closed

    Hello, Actly in my pendrive some problem.... when i copy any file into the pendrive then if i insert the pendrive to another system... while opening ...

    Zahid | Latest reply: SAr Dec 31, 2009
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  • Pen Drive Not Working Closed

    Hello, after inserting pendrive, if we click on the drive it is showing " plz insert a disk int o removable disk (G)" .plz solve this.

    Pandey | Latest reply: dist.urbd Dec 30, 2009
    1 reply
  • remove write protectionfrom my pen drive Closed

    Hello, my 4GB pen drive show a message of write protection.i can"t able to copy or paste my files in it.Pl solve my problem. ...

    yuvraj | Latest reply: closeup22 Dec 29, 2009
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  • pen drive felt n Pc not detecting pen drive Closed

    Hello, 1GB my pen drive felt and Any Pc not detecting pen drive what i do? plz help me

    kirti | Latest reply: dancedhall Dec 29, 2009
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  • my 32gb kingston pendrive is write protected Closed

    Hello, sir my 32Gb kingston pendrive is not accessible it displays 0 bytes when checked in properties and i am not able to format it also please help...

    sam_ftpl | Latest reply: ash_perez01 Dec 28, 2009
    1 reply
  • pendrive show 0 byte used o free Closed

    Hello, i have a 4gb kingston pendrive it show 0 byte used sace and 0 byte free space i have a very important data in pendrive how can i reco...

    gaurav bhardwaj | Latest reply: dist.urbd Dec 28, 2009
    1 reply
  • pen drive not show after one time used Closed

    Hello, Dear sir I am using my pen drive my office desktop first time pc show pen drive status & all but next time if i am using same pen drvie ...

    Awsh | Latest reply: ash_perez01 Dec 27, 2009
    1 reply
  • can't open my pen drive Closed

    Hello, yesterday while removing my pen drive from my computer i didnt do any safely removal device from the task bar and now having some problems ...

    kishore | Latest reply: ker_nelson01 Dec 27, 2009
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  • pen drive not being recognised Closed

    Hello, my pen drive is not being recognised by computer having windows. it runs normal in apple. what to do?

    ksh | Latest reply: ksh Dec 24, 2009
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  • PENDRIVE Closed

    Hello, i have the problem with pendrive. The pendrive is detected by any computer but when it was opened it shown that "PLAEASE INSERT A DRIVE INTO G...

    87 | Latest reply: lfefil Dec 23, 2009
    1 reply
  • Transcend pen drive not working Closed

    Hello, My 4GB pen drive is not working,when iam plugging it is showing the drive,but while iam trying to open it is asking the please insert a disk i...

    binu | Latest reply: binu Dec 21, 2009
    2 replies
  • bootable pendrive Closed

    Hello, plz sir tell me how make a bootebele pendrive & send me files

    Arvind | Latest reply: ash_perez01 Dec 21, 2009
    1 reply
  • PEN drive bootable files Closed

    Hello, want to format my hard disk via pen drive instead of XP bootable short i want to make my pen drive as bootable XP give me appro...

    sumeet | Latest reply: LouisSteph Dec 19, 2009
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  • 32GB fake kingston pendrive Closed

    Hello, format the 32GB pendrive in LINUX and it will work fine.. it does for me

    vishal | Latest reply: iveal Dec 18, 2009
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  • pendrive Closed

    hallow sir , I have a transend 4gb usb pendrive, it is write protected & icant remove the write protection & i cant format it. please help me.

    Aritra | Latest reply: iveal Dec 18, 2009
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  • Pendrive cannot format Closed

    Hello, My pen drive cannot format, when I try to format it display as the "windows was unable to complete the format", please solved this pro...

    Praban | Latest reply: LouisSteph Dec 17, 2009
    1 reply
  • can't open my usb pen drive Closed

    Hello, i cant open my pen drive, when i plug in there is removable disk(F), but when i try to open it reads "please insert a disk in drive F:" plea...

    lulu | Latest reply: closeup22 Dec 16, 2009
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  • can't transfer movies to pendrive Closed

    Hello, hello! i recently bought a 8 gb pendrive. i m able to transfer everything to it except movies .... plz help!!

    dev | Latest reply: LouisSteph Dec 16, 2009
    1 reply
  • about pendrive Closed

    Hello, i have 30.2 gb pendrive. i use many software from pen drive but in pen drive there is some problem as well as songs and software are saved in ...

    karan | Latest reply: LouisSteph Dec 16, 2009
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  • how to make bootable pendrive Closed

    Hello, sir i want install xp by plz tell me that how to make a bootable pendrive. plz send me detail my id ( c...

    raj | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 15, 2009
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  • install xp from pen drive Closed

    Hello, how to install xp nfrom pendrive pls, tell me

    pravin | Latest reply: dancedhall Dec 15, 2009
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  • send me driver for pen drive for windows vista Closed

    Hello, My pen drive is not working when I insert my pen drive into my laptop a message is displayed plz insert usb drive ,plz send me driver for usb ...

    Rashid | Latest reply: LouisSteph Dec 15, 2009
    1 reply
  • about pen drive Closed

    Hello, i have problem that, when i insert my pen drive to my computer a massage appear that usb drive unrecognized and no drivers are install for th...

    zin2 | Latest reply: zin2 Dec 14, 2009
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  • i cant format my pen drive Closed

    Hello, i had bought a kingston 20 gb pen drive and wen i try to format it, it say windows could not complete formatting

    help me | Latest reply: closeup22 Dec 12, 2009
    1 reply
  • Usb Pen Drive Canot Format Closed

    Hello, Hi,, am JOSHY from trichur... i have ScanDisk 4GB pendrive... now my pendrive cannot open,, but my computer detect my pendrive..... i tried t...

    Joshy | Latest reply: dancedhall Dec 11, 2009
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  • Pen drive not working on tv Closed

    Hello, purchased a Maxwell extreme 4gb driver, set it to public and loaded a folder of photos, plugged it to my Sony TV via USB excellent results so...

    cannonball | Latest reply: cannonball Dec 10, 2009
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  • computer cant detect my pendrive Closed

    Hello all alienssss, my computer cant detected my pendrive(Toshiba) after i use it in another computer, i want to re-format it back and get all my im...

    in need | Latest reply: iveal Dec 10, 2009
    1 reply
  • make my pen drive bootable Closed

    Hello, hello sir please help me .i want to make my pendrive can i do this. i have transcand 4g.b. pendrive and window xp

    ranu | Latest reply: closeup22 Dec 8, 2009
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  • my pen drive Closed

    Hello, when i insert a pen drive into my pc it tells me the device is not recognized. how can i solve this problem?

    desme | Latest reply: closeup22 Dec 8, 2009
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  • pendrive soft. Closed

    Hello, I want to lock my pen drive so please send me Lock software in pen drive lock for my id

    soni | Latest reply: iveal Dec 7, 2009
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  • pendrive problem Closed

    Hello, I have transcend pen drive i can't able to open it is always showing insert the drive but it detects...

    pritesh | Latest reply: slypeddy Dec 5, 2009
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  • pen drive problem Closed

    Hello, hello, i have kingston g2 4 gb pen. it shows me message that it write protected. i tried to remove write protection from registry. but not don...

    pen drive fo... | Latest reply: iveal Dec 5, 2009
    1 reply
  • pen drive hides folder Solved/Closed

    Hello, My pen drive Kingston 4GB hides all folders I saved in it. Only files (free files in root) are visible. I have tried (in some PCs) view folde...

    gallas2010 | Latest reply: gallas2010 Dec 4, 2009
    2 replies
  • pen drive is copying but vanished Closed

    Hello, suggest any whey to etrive data from my 16 Gb pendrive

    Ramarao | Latest reply: closeup22 Dec 4, 2009
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  • kingston pendrive of 8gb Closed

    Hello, i am able to copy song or movie but whn i try to play the song or movie its not running files are not running more than 1 m...

    avi | Latest reply: LouisSteph Dec 4, 2009
    3 replies
  • Pen drive not functioning Closed


    b b mohanty | Latest reply: Bibhubrata Mohanty Dec 3, 2009
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  • Pen Drive format problem Closed

    Hello, I have Kingston pen drive . I am unable to delete files in it . When i am trying to delete file the message is displayed " write protection" ....

    Aarti | Latest reply: LouisSteph Dec 3, 2009
    1 reply
  • My Pendrive is not detecting Closed

    Hello, i have a 4gb transcend pen drive and before everything was alright but since a few my pc is not detecting it when i plug it in and i dont know...

    Puneet | Latest reply: LouisSteph Dec 3, 2009
    1 reply
  • pen drive problem Closed

    Hello, when I plugin my hp4gb usb flash drive in the usb port and go to my computer ,instead of showing a folder named hp v155w,it shows removable m...

    rupak | Latest reply: iveal Dec 3, 2009
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  • imporatant Ph.d files in my pen drive help Closed

    Hello, Sir, I am research scholar doing Ph.D. Alll important files in my pen drive. It was working properly suddenly without clicking safe to pen dr...

    pallavi | Latest reply: Dec 3, 2009
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  • pen drive not farmating Closed

    Hello, sir , 8GB Kingston pen drive not sporting to format so please tell me salutation

    mns | Latest reply: dancedhall Nov 30, 2009
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  • my pendrive doent work Closed

    Hello, there my pen drive doesnt work i put the software of USB security when i insert in my port the usb security wdialog box will appear but whe...

    rajeev | Latest reply: LouisSteph Nov 30, 2009
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  • i cant acces my pen drive... Closed

    Hello, i formatedmy system without removing my pendrive `hp v 125w usbdevice`.after that icant open or format my thumb..

    shameem | Latest reply: closeup22 Nov 29, 2009
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