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  • Don't show software in pen drive and not open Closed

    Hello, sir i am bying a 32 gb pen drive from a person. at this time problem in the pen drive, he is not open and don't see the software,plz s...

    sanjeev | Latest reply: moneymaker1 Jul 14, 2009
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  • pendrive Closed

    Hello, my pendrive of transcend 4GB is not fromatting it giving msg write protected how to remove

    shashi | Latest reply: dancedhall Jul 12, 2009
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  • 4 gig pendrive sony Closed

    Hello, i am using sony 4 gig pendrive every time i put in to usb port i cant acesses it, i have message saying insert disk in to e, i have tried vari...

    sal | Latest reply: realiser Jul 11, 2009
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  • I can't open my pendrive Closed

    Hello, I am using a pen drive. Many important files are there. Previously it could be opened by any computer. But for the last few days it does not o...

    Sourov | Latest reply: marc_schutzz Jul 10, 2009
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    Hello, ma usb pendrive driver is not recognized by any p.c. the p.c says that there are no drivers conected to this usb.pls help

    PAGES | Latest reply: realiser Jul 10, 2009
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  • Pen drive is not working Closed

    Hello, when i insert my pen drive the sysyem detects it but when i try to access it the message "please insert a drive into it is appearing"how can i...

    jithi | Latest reply: LoOpz1 Jul 8, 2009
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  • pendrive problem Closed

    Hello, i hv 16 Gb pendrive, when i copy my data on to the pendrive, it copies correctly but after safely removing the pendrive from the system, if ...

    anonymous | Latest reply: sensei.moore Jul 8, 2009
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  • pen drive problem Closed

    Hello, I Got a transcend pen drive 2gb when connecting to usb port light blinks on the pen drive even shows in my computer after double clicking it...

    Aditya | Latest reply: olfo81 Jul 7, 2009
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  • pen drive problem Closed

    Hello sir, how to format my 8gp pen drive, and the message is displayed as that the drive is write-protedted and windows unable to for...

    babu | Latest reply: fahd_zboot Jul 6, 2009
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  • pen drive Closed

    Hello, pen drive is detecting but not showing the availability...........wat may b the mistake

    Sabari | Latest reply: dybbody Jul 4, 2009
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  • pc not detecting pendrive Closed

    Hello, sir/madam my 4gb pendrive s not detect in any of the system...wat to do???? is there any steps to overcome this problem???

    mavles | Latest reply: re_mi Jul 1, 2009
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  • pendrive backgrround Closed

    Hello, i want to set background for my pendrive, please give me the soolution to my email

    zf | Latest reply: kkaranrana Jun 28, 2009
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  • pen drive Closed

    Hello, my pen drive not detect any computer but all other pendrive detect my p.c pen drive icon does not display on the mycomputer please helpme

    mycomputer | Latest reply: onea97 Jun 27, 2009
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  • to format my pen drive Closed

    Hello, when i format my pen drive it says you don't have sufficient permissions plz guide for the same. Thanks!!!!

    gita | Latest reply: fella1960 Jun 27, 2009
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  • pen drive Closed

    Hello, I have a 2GB pen drive of sony if i tried to open it shows to formatt and if i start to formatt it shows that window was unable to complete ...

    kat | Latest reply: onea97 Jun 26, 2009
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  • I can't format my usb pendrive Closed

    Hello, I have 2 pen drive, a 16 gb and a 2 gb .They tell me that I have to format them. So I tried to format them , at the end they say that windows...

    Didimaster | Latest reply: dancedhall Jun 26, 2009
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  • pendrive not detected in any computer Closed

    Hello, My pen driver 2GB AMKETTE SPECTRA is not detected by System ( XP ).Kindly help me.

    narayan | Latest reply: suff954 Jun 24, 2009
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  • pen drive removal Closed

    Hello, I wanna ask does the pen drive gets damaged if it is removed without clicking on safely remove hardware option?

    KK | Latest reply: iveal Jun 23, 2009
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  • pendrive problen Closed

    Hello, i have 32 gb kingstone pendrive it is not working it's shows write protected. i can not format it it gives same problem please help.

    naeem | Latest reply: fea_ture Jun 21, 2009
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  • pendrive Closed

    Hello, hi my pendrive is attacked by virus.then i cleared the virus .but i cannot see the data.but memory space is occupied

    sre | Latest reply: chuji Jun 19, 2009
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  • I cant format my pen drive Closed

    Hello, I cant format my pendrive ,I tried through disc management but the message is "unable to complete the format" what will i do pls reply a ...

    shyam | Latest reply: cluelessgeek Jun 17, 2009
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  • usb kingstone pen drive is not performing Closed

    Hello, hi sir, this is rajiv i am having 8 gb kingstone pendrive.i want to copy the files to the pen drive but it will copy and it will show the fil...

    rajv | Latest reply: zaho14 Jun 16, 2009
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  • Pendrive Problem Closed

    Hello, I am having Transend 4 gb pen drive. when i am connecting it to the system, the lights are glowing on the pen drive. but itz not show...

    Scorpian | Latest reply: hadnj62 Jun 11, 2009
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  • pendrive lock Closed

    Hello, untill i have not yet answer. please tell me how to lock pendrive .

    VICKY | Latest reply: wstep89 Jun 11, 2009
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  • want to make pendrive booteble disk Closed


    Uday | Latest reply: fullsaver Jun 11, 2009
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  • pen drive not working Closed

    Hello, my transcend 4GB & sandisk 2GB pendrives are not working on any window after attaching with vista, and not even work with vista. no message di...

    sandy | Latest reply: julien1414 Jun 9, 2009
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    SAMIE_88 | Latest reply: Igor Jun 8, 2009
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  • format procedure- 32gb pendrive Closed

    Hello, Hello, hv a 32 GB kingston flash drive. I want to format but window unable to format the drive. so pl. help

    pranay | Latest reply: BALA Jun 8, 2009
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  • how add more features to pendrive Closed

    Hello,sir I have just come to know about the feature i.e AUTORUN. now I just want to know if there is any other such program which i can add to my p...

    raunaq | Latest reply: liharix Jun 5, 2009
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  • problem in pen drive format Closed

    Hello, My name is yogesh bindal i have a pen drive of 32 gb. when i am opening then show format and if i done ok then show unable to format. pleas...

    yogi | Latest reply: locklessmonster Jun 5, 2009
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  • save my pen drive Closed

    Hello, I have a 2 GB Sandisk Pen Drive, I cannot format it successfully because at the end of format it shows window cannt format the drive complet...

    pradeep | Latest reply: hanshini Jun 5, 2009
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  • pen drive problem Closed

    Hello, Hello, Got a transcend pen drive 4gb when connecting to usb port light blinks on the pen drive even shows in my computer after double clicking...

    raj | Latest reply: vignesh Jun 4, 2009
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  • how to turn pendrive bootable Closed

    Hello, i have a 4 Gb to make it bootable

    kartik pathania | Latest reply: similijones Jun 4, 2009
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  • pen drive problem Closed

    Hello, i copy some data form my old pendrive and store in new kingston 32 gb but when i am traying to open new drive that time all folder sho...

    javed | Latest reply: yashvintozor Jun 3, 2009
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  • pendrive is right protected Closed

    Hello, Sir myself Avinash Solanki sir i was used my pen drive from winxp to another os version. afterwards it gives me an error that disk is write ...

    avi | Latest reply: afgas Jun 2, 2009
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  • My PC doesn't recognize my Pen drive! Closed

    Hello, I have recently formated my computer and now when I plug in my 2GB transcend Pen Drive niether the light blinks nor there is any auto play or ...

    Vivek | Latest reply: Vivek Jun 1, 2009
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  • bootable pen drive Closed

    Hello, # I Have 2Gb pen drive how to make bootable pen drive

    RONY | Latest reply: Nathans02 Jun 1, 2009
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  • want a software for installing xp in pendrive Closed

    Hello, i tried to install my xp OS in pendrive without a HDD it was asking for software in the booting process pls tell me about the software....and ...

    sai | Latest reply: koolvalcano May 30, 2009
    2 replies
  • how format write protectd pen drive Closed

    Hello, i have 8 gb trnascend pen drive that is eormating it shows the this drive write protectd pen drive so how to do format

    yogendra | Latest reply: phelisd May 30, 2009
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  • vista can't detect or install usb pen drives Closed

    Hello, I installed vista ultimate SP1 and everything worked well for a week or so. Then I did a disk cleanup and selected all of the options. after ...

    ronit | Latest reply: mohsikhan89 May 29, 2009
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  • pendrive problum Closed

    Hello, sir ihave a problum with kingston 4 gb pendrive plz give suggestion sto me

    abhi | Latest reply: fa_te May 28, 2009
    1 reply
  • pen drive not working Closed

    Hello, when i plugin my fake kingston 32 gb pen drive, pc detects it.but when i open the drive from my comp, it shows error message saying please ins...

    vai | Latest reply: cinime May 28, 2009
    1 reply
  • Pen Drive Closed

    Hello, sir when i have a moser baer 8 gb pen dirve but when i insert it then comuter shows that plz insert a disk into a drive plz tell me ...

    suraj | Latest reply: prdict78 May 28, 2009
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  • not able to format a pen drive Closed

    Hello, i am rnot been able to format a pen drive .

    bg | Latest reply: austingamer1 May 22, 2009
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  • remove write proctection form pendrive Closed

    Hello, I am always facing the same problem as my pendrive shows write protected while putting data into it. it is a flash drive with 16GB and i ...

    sushant | Latest reply: keeprise May 19, 2009
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  • 32 gp pendrive Closed

    Hello, i have 32 gp kingston pendrive if i copy data in to the pendrive automaticaly make folders in unknow letters the data was not in the...

    rajesh | Latest reply: signalup May 13, 2009
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  • Pen drive as a hardisk Closed

    Hello, i hav a pentium 2 processer pc.But its hardisk is damaged.I hav searchd a lot to find a 10gb hardisk but i didnt.I want to knw wheather i can...

    Jino | Latest reply: Jino May 10, 2009
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  • How to make Pen drive bootable Closed

    Hello, I have copied ghost.exe from bootable pen drive to my pen drive. I want to bootable my pen drive by which I could installed image with pen d...

    Mohit Rastogi | Latest reply: afgas May 9, 2009
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  • pen drive using problem Closed

    Hello,could you please answer my queries? My brother has a old PC of windows 98 without CD drive. How can I use pendrive in backside USB ports?

    pgpapupg | Latest reply: xpcman May 5, 2009
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  • can't see my pen drive on my computer Closed

    Hello, When I insert my pendrive in any of the USB ports of my computer, I don't get to find the drive letter assigned by the computer, and I don't g...

    dkaye | Latest reply: vetronicaz May 5, 2009
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