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Hp inkjet 6200

Hello, I just bought a new HP computer with Windows Vista. I already had an HP all-in-one printer (HP 6200 Inkjet). My problem is I am able to prin...

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Install new printer

Hello, I need to install a printer on my computer but I don't have the CD. It is HP PSC (printer, scanner, copier) 1610 series. My computer opera...

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Dell 964 printer cant get back to english

Hello, I have a dell964 all in one printer and it accidently got on chinese language and I can not get it back to english. Any help would be appreciat...

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All the features for my printer does not work

Hello, I have an "HP Officejet all in one 6300 printer". The disk I have came with the printer. It worked quite well before and for some reason i...

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In which usb port i should connect my printer

Hello, I have just bought a pc and don't really know in which USB port I should connect my printer, there lots! Can I use any of them??? Th...

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Printer problem

Hello, I'm having some troubles with my printer; it is not feeding papers to continue printing. Can you please help me to solve this problem??...

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Hp cartridges

Hello, Well can anyone tell me where can I find cartridges for my hp printer?

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Cartridges needed

Hello, Well can anyone tell me where can I find cartridges for my hp printer?

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Purchase cartridges

Hello. Last month I purchased a newer printer and now im looking for an online store where I will be able to purchase the cartridges there. Is there ...

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Printer driver


Hello, Recently my computer was affected by a drive by download and the OS had to be reinstalled. For a month I have been struggling to re access th...

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Looking for 2 tray office printer/scanner

Hello, My boss wants a new laser printer. It has to have 2 paper trays - one to hold blank paper and one to hold letterhead. He wants the ability to ...

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Printer stopped printing

Hi I have a lexmark (X1250) and my problem is that it stopped printing. I just bought it like a month ago and i don't think that i don't have sufficie...

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Epson perfection 3200

Hi, My Epson Scan don't open with Epson Perfection 3200... As I couldn't find any solution on the web, I hope you guys will help me. Sud...

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