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How to connect meetings on skype?


Hello, How to connect meeting skype with more than 10 people?

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How to download skype?


comment telecharger skype

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How to delete a skype account with a computer


How to delete a Skype account with a computer

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Redirecting received files from skype to different recipient folders in pc


Hi, I am facing a problem with my students with their answer scripts when they send them to me through Skype. I have to download all the files indivi...

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David Webb  

Lost my skype account and need to recover it


Hello, I lost my Skype account. Help me recover it.

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Two separate skype accounts?


I have a laptop, Windows 10 Operating System. that already has Skype; I also have a desktop, Windows XP Operating System that I would like to add Skyp...

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Help me create a new skype account


Hello, very much appreciate your assistance in helping me create a new Skype account. System Configuration: Windows 7 / Mozilla 11.0

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