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I need your help.i want to be a youtuber. so, i need help of garena.

I have a small channel. I want to be a YouTuber. So, i need a help.please support me.My UID-500222440

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David Webb  

When i open warcraft frozen throne screen is rather pink

the screen is rather pink, like the image, its not clear but its rather pink

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Warcraft 3 hang on start up

Hello, when i want to play on warcraft 3, it hang on start up... why is that happen?

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Hosting on warcraft 3


Hello, I am trying to host a game on warcraft 3. It does not work. No one will join. So i have tried to disable firewall and turn off specific parts o...

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Pc turn off while playing warcraft

Hello, hdd-160, DDR2-2G, DisplayCard-256MB Did my display card not support ? If i upgrade 512MB 64bit should it ok?

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Help with hosting warcraft 3 with a tecom


Hello, I figured out how to access my Modem. Its a Tecom from 2005 all in one, wireless modem and router. I am in france and am trying to enable it so...

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Game drivers for blue / warcraft

Hello, hey.. just wanna ask where can i get the drivers needed for this blue laptop.. it got me confused coz i downloaded drivers from sites that i ...

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