Forget the PS5 Pro, Xbox could be skipping straight to the next generation !

Forget the PS5 Pro, Xbox could be skipping straight to the next generation !

After recent leaks of a PS5 Pro, Xbox is rumoured to skip the previously leaked updated version of the Xbox Series X and move straight onto the next generation of Xbox in an attempt to overtake PlayStation.

One of the most significant rumors suggests that Microsoft is considering skipping the typical mid-generation upgrade and proceeding directly to the next-gen Xbox. Speculations point to a possible release date around 2026, positioning Microsoft to gain a competitive edge over its rivals. This strategic move, if realized, would mark a departure from the traditional cycle of console upgrades. 

It would be difficult to talk about the next generation of consoles without considering the upcoming release of GTA 6, arguably the most anticipated gaming release of all time to date. The performance of GTA 6 on both the PlayStation and Xbox will be one of the biggest selling points in the coming years. If the PS5 Pro releases before the next Xbox in time for the GTA 6 release then we could see PlayStation taking the lead, but if Xbox manage to announce that their next generation console is only months after the GTA 6 release, people may be tempted to hold back until they have the most powerful console to play it on. 

Reports hint at Microsoft's ambition to deliver a gaming experience that surpasses anything seen before. The company aims to achieve this by engineering hardware that offers a substantial technological leap forward. While specific details about the design and specifications of the next-gen Xbox remain elusive, the emphasis on groundbreaking innovation suggests that Microsoft is committed to pushing the boundaries of gaming hardware. 

Another intriguing rumor surrounds the integration of hybrid cloud and client gaming platforms into the next-gen Xbox. This approach could revolutionize how games are played and experienced by leveraging both local hardware and cloud resources. By harnessing the power of the cloud, Microsoft aims to unlock new possibilities in gaming, offering seamless access to vast libraries of games and unprecedented levels of performance and flexibility.

Phil Spencer's hints about the potential development of a handheld Xbox device have sparked excitement and speculation among gamers. While no concrete details have emerged, the idea of a portable gaming console from Microsoft opens up new avenues for expanding the Xbox ecosystem and reaching players on the go. As gamers eagerly await official announcements and unveilings, one thing is certain: the future of Xbox promises to be bold, exciting, and full of possibilities.