The PS5 Pro's specs have been leaked and it looks impressive !

The PS5 Pro's specs have been leaked and it looks impressive !

After recent leaks about Sony's PS5 Pro, another one seems to corroborate the same technical specifications, with some additional information. It does seem that the PS5 Pro will be the powerhouse that everyone has been waiting for, adding more pressure to Microsoft to come up with an equivalent Xbox.

The technical specifications of the PS5 Pro appear increasingly probable. Last week, the leaker Moore's Law Is Dead provided details about this future refresh for Sony's console, with numerous insights into its potential power and technical advancements compared to the PS5. While the YouTuber relied on confidential documents, skepticism was warranted given his questionable track record. However, another leak seems to confirm and validate these claims, even adding some details about this console that promises to be much more powerful than its predecessor.

Tom Henderson was one of the first leakers to discuss Sony's plans for its PS5 Pro last year. On his Insider Gaming website, he confirms Moore's Law Is Dead's information through his own sources, providing further details on the technical specifications. Accordingly, the PS5 Pro would be 45% more powerful in terms of graphics rendering compared to the PS5, with ray tracing performance tripled and even quadrupled in some cases. The raw power of the GPU would indeed be 33.5 teraflops, aided notably by the PSSR upscaling technology.

Henderson's new information concerns the CPU, which would be identical to that of the current PS5 but would offer a "High Frequency" mode (similar to Boost on desktop processors) that would increase the clock frequency to 3.85 GHz for a gain of around 10%. Additionally, the PS5 Pro's system memory would see a 28% increase in bandwidth, from 448 GB/s to 576 GB/s. Finally, it appears that Sony will adopt the same strategy as with the PS5 Slim to remain "competitive" by offering two versions of the console, with or without a detachable disc drive. 


Its internal release date still seems to target fall 2024 and could be the perfect machine to run GTA 6, slated for release in 2025. This is sure to worry Microsoft and Xbox, as the upcoming release of GTA 6 is likely to be the biggest in the history of gaming. The console with the best performance at the time of GTA 6's release will surely attract a large audience. If the PS5 Pro is as good as it is rumoured to be, and Xbox don't manage to release a worthy competitor, Xbox could lose millions of its users to PlayStation

If Sony manage to keep costs down, then the PS5 Pro could be released at an enticing $549, only $50 more than the original release price of the PS5, which is currently being sold at $449, after being reduced from $499. Watch this space, hopefully we will get a more official announcement from Sony in the coming months to confirm the speculation around the PS5 Pro. 

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