Rumour has it that Galaxy AI features will be free until the end of 2025!

Rumour has it that Galaxy AI features will be free until the end of 2025!

On the Galaxy S24 smartphones, the primary focus was on Galaxy AI features, which are based on neural network technologies. Surprisingly, these cutting-edge features won't be exclusive to the new products; they are set to extend to a range of other devices from the company. However, there's a catch – the AI features will now come at a cost. Here's everything you need to know

In the upcoming One UI update to version 6.1, Galaxy AI features are set to make their debut on various existing Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S23 models, the Tab S9 family of tablets, and the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 foldable smartphones. However, the exact release dates for this update may vary depending on the device model, region, and carrier, with a target timeframe set for the early part of 2024.

It's noteworthy that certain advanced technologies within the Galaxy AI ecosystem might be reserved exclusively for the Galaxy S24, as they could necessitate the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 or Exynos 2400 neurodevice processors.

Users have brought attention to a potential shift in the Galaxy AI landscape, with the manufacturer indicating the possibility of transitioning some features to a paid model. Until the conclusion of 2025, however, users can continue to enjoy the existing free AI capabilities. This strategic change, introduced approximately two years after the smartphones' initial launch, appears to encourage users to consider upgrading to more advanced Galaxy models.

Samsung Galaxy AI
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The Galaxy AI suite boasts a range of intriguing features, enhancing user experiences. Notable functionalities include:

  • Automatic real-time call translation to different languages;
  • AI-driven spelling and punctuation checks, summarization, and rewriting capabilities.
  • Furthermore, users can conveniently employ Google Lens for quick product searches by circling items in camera photos.
  • The Galaxy AI also facilitates generative image refinement when resizing images and enables the recognition of objects within frames, providing users with options to zoom in, zoom out, or move objects as desired.

As of now, details on the costs and subscription requirements for these features are currently undisclosed. It's unclear if all functionalities will need a subscription or if there will be individual costs. Most of Samsung's AI suite operates through the cloud, with translation and some features working on-device. However, advanced demos like Generative Edit and transcription rely on cloud processing. The pricing structure and models are eagerly awaited, reflecting user anticipation to explore these features and understand any financial implications. As details on costs and subscriptions are pending, users can anticipate an evolving AI landscape with innovative features.