This app pays you for walking...but there is a trick

This app pays you for walking...but there is a trick

Some apps available for iOS and Android devices claim to pay you in cryptocurrency for the steps you take every day. Despite numerous positive reviews on the App Store and Google Play, they are not without their faults, and you need to be fully aware of their advantages and inconveniences before using them.

Is Sweatcoin a dangerous app?

Exercising and finding motivation for it isn't always easy. So, when a free app claims to offer money for walking or exercising, it's only natural that it piques your curiosity and makes you want to try it out. Sweatcoin is a highly successful free app with positive reviews on both the App Store and Google Play (rated 4.6 stars and 4.4 stars out of 5, respectively). The app suggests that you can earn money through walking and exercising. However, does Sweatcoin really pay money to walk? Not quite... Another, more important question: Is Sweatcoin a risky application to have on your phone? We'll try to explore all the nuances.

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Do users of the Sweatcoin app get paid to walk?

If we answer the question literally, the answer is no. In fact, users don't get paid for the steps they take in a day. Instead, they receive compensation because they grant the app access to their data. Sweatcoin requests a significant amount of information upon registration, including your name, surname, phone contacts, GPS location, call history, photos and videos, Wi-Fi network details, phone status, and the websites you visit. The app is highly privacy-invasive. Subsequently, this information may be resold by Sweatcoin, as stated in their privacy policy:

"We may share your personal data with our trusted business partners so that they can contact you from time to time with offers that may interest you and/or inform you of other products or services, provided you have given your consent for us to do so. Once you have subscribed to the app, it becomes quite laborious to unsubscribe for good if you change your mind. To have your information completely erased by the company, you have to send Sweatcoin an e-mail. Needless to say, the response isn't very quick."

According to the app's rules, 1,000 steps generate a little less than a Sweatcoin. Eventually, as you accumulate them, you'll be able to buy items— but only if they're available in the app's online store and can be delivered to your country. Some items may require you to pay shipping fees. While the application does reward you with points for walking, you may find it challenging to use them effectively, as the product selection might not align with your preferences, and shipping costs could be higher than expected. It's crucial to keep in mind the main concern: you don't get paid for your steps but for your personal data, which the app sells to advertisers.