Which phones emit the most radiation? We finally have an answer!

Which phones emit the most radiation? We finally have an answer!

Curious about which phones emit the most radiation? Thanks to a list recently published by the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection, we now have the lowdown on the most radiative phones out there.

What exactly is electromagnetic radiation? Essentially, it's just disturbances in a magnetic field that spread around. This phenomenon was first discovered back in the early 19th century by Danish physicist Hans Christian Ørsted, who observed how a wire with an electric current could deflect a compass needle.

Fast forward to today, and we know how prevalent electromagnetic radiation is. Various devices emit this type of radiation from microwave ovens to televisions, radios, and even our bodies. But when it comes to phones, they're often put under the microscope for their emissions. However, they are completely harmless.

So, what's the verdict? Which phones are topping the charts for emitting the most electromagnetic radiation? Here's the list provided by the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection, ranked by specific absorption rate (SAR):

  1. Motorola Edge (2020) - 1.79 W/kg
  2. ZTE Axon 11 5G - 1.59 W/kg
  3. OnePlus 6T - 1.55 W/kg
  4. Sony Xperia XA2 Plus - 1.41 W/kg
  5. Google Pixel 3 XL - 1.39 W/kg
  6. Google Pixel 4a - 1.37 W/kg
  7. Oppo Reno5 5G - 1.37 W/kg
  8. Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact - 1.36 W/kg
  9. Google Pixel 3 - 1.33 W/kg
  10. OnePlus 6 - 1.33 W/kg
  11. ZTE Axon 7 mini - 1.29 W/kg
  12. Huawei P smart - 1.27 W/kg
  13. OnePlus 9 - 1.26 W/kg
  14. Huawei Nova 2 - 1.25 W/kg
  15. Sony Xperia XZ Premium - 1.21 W/kg

Leading the pack is the 2020 Motorola Edge, surpassing the 1.6 W/kg limit set by the Federal Communications Commission in the US. But here's the important question: Are phones emitting such high levels of electromagnetic radiation dangerous?

Despite the potentially alarming nature of these lists, there's no scientific evidence suggesting that such doses of electromagnetic radiation are harmful. Moreover, phones aren't the only sources of radiation in our environment.

In Europe, the permissible SAR limit for phones is 2 watts per kilogram of body weight and head. So, even if you own one of the phones on the list, rest assured that it falls within safe limits. Continuous usage of devices, particularly at night, poses a greater risk to our well-being.

So, while this ranking may pique our interest, there's no need to panic or rush to replace our phones. It's important to note that smartphones on the market are subject to strict regulations and standards to ensure that their radiation levels remain within acceptable bounds. This should provide reassurance to users concerned about the potential health effects of electromagnetic radiation.