All the rumors about iOS 18: release date, compatibility, AI, and other major upgrades

All the rumors about iOS 18: release date, compatibility, AI, and other major upgrades

Discover all you need to know about iOS 18, including its release date, compatibility, AI advancements, and major new features.

iOS 18, the upcoming major update to Apple's iPhone and iPad operating systems (iPadOS 18), is slated for a September 2024 release. Wondering what will it bring? Read on to find out more about significant iOS 18 enhancements such as AI integration, notable improvements to Siri and Messages, and support for RCS. This might be one of the biggest iOS updates so far. 

With the arrival of iPhone 16, iOS 18 will start, continuing the tradition of synchronizing the new iPhone release with the latest iOS iteration. While Apple typically keeps a tight lid on developments, leaks and hints often emerge during the development and testing phases.

The pivotal event in this journey is the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC24), scheduled for June 10-14, 2024. At WWDC24's opening keynote, Apple is expected to unveil comprehensive details about iOS 18, alongside offering a public beta for users keen on exploring the new features before the official release.

As for the final release date, all the previous patterns suggest that following the WWDC24 keynote, beta versions of iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 will gradually roll out to compatible devices, with the official launch aligning with the release of iPhone 16. Here's everything we know about this major update so far. 

  • Regarding compatibility, iOS 18 is expected to support a wide range of devices, including iPhone models up to the 2022 SE and 2018 iPad Pros.
  • One of the standout enhancements in iOS 18 revolves around Siri's transformation into a more sophisticated voice assistant with generative AI-powered capabilities. Finally, Siri will understand complex commands and queries.
  • Messages will undergo significant improvements, bridging the gap between iMessage and RCS protocols, enabling easy communication between iPhone users and those on Android devices.
  • Apple Maps and Safari are also set to receive updates, with enhancements in navigation customization and features like Safari Search Assistant expected to enrich the browsing experience.
  • In terms of design, iOS 18 may introduce a significant visual overhaul, departing from previous iterations with new interface elements and customization options, possibly inspired by Apple's visionOS design language and incorporating skeuomorphic elements reminiscent of past macOS versions.

Stay tuned for an array of new features and enhancements making their debut with the highly anticipated release of iOS 18!